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Welcome to Rank Higher, the leading Digital Marketing Company In Delhi NCR

We are experts in Internet Marketing Strategy that can help increase Brand Engagement by 400x & Revenues by 10x.

Here are a few reasons to hire us for your Social Media Services.


1. We believe in working in accordance to Social Media 2.0

Social has changed the way marketing used to work. And long gone are the days when social 1.0 ruled the cyber space. Time have changed, who knows, eventually social might just become the only form of marketing. Social media 2.0 is a platform where people hate to see advertisements, they want to see some fun & interesting stuff/content which grabs their attention and keeps them engaged. Guess what we believe in? Content that does not influence a person is content wasted. And this is where we excel. Our creative copywriters churn out influential & engaging content which is extremely relatable and attractive. We believe that if a brand is not taking part in this rat race to create the best content on social platforms, they are losing the game. And we at Rank Higher help brands win the game.


2. Here’s how we help brands win on social media.

With our collective experience spanning over a decade, the time invested in research & the hit and trial methods we have understood what works on social media platforms. We create content that actually matters to people. We have understood how analytical, assistance, informative & entertaining content engages and influences people. We mainly focus on the 3 most important platforms, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. These are the platforms where people spend most of their time and we help brands build a strong presence on these platforms.


3. Now you must be wondering how do we execute our social media strategy so smoothly.

Well to start with, we work with brands as we freaking own them. Our creative team works closely with the brands marketing team to understand the guidelines & goals set. Then we brainstorm ideas and create strategies which work in accordance to the brands objectives and which helps in delivering the target goals.

We use several social media tools to understand and identify the opportunities that might help us grow the brand even further. A lot of research also comes into play. We literally profile our target audience based on their demography, lifestyle, interests and passions.We research on trending topics and how these current trends can be weaved into stories that appeal to our target audience. From content creation, curation to campaigns, we cover all aspect of Social Media Optimization.

Now here’s why you should definitely hire us for your SEO services in Delhi

People nowadays literally Google about everything. Around a billion queries happen on Google every single day. If you’re not capitalizing on this then well you’re losing out to your competitors. Rank Higher being the best SEO company in Delhi not to mention India is dedicated to get you full and the best ROI on your internet marketing efforts.

With regard to “search terms”, SEO is a step by step technical & analytical approach to make your website relevant to the customers. Now if someone is searching for something specific, for example, they search for “Buy Clothes Online” , here the keyword “buy” is extremely important. Now if you are in the selling clothing online space, and your website ranks on the first page of google, it is likely that the customer will check out your website and interact and/or even buy your products. And we being the the leading SEO company in Delhi as well as India make sure we bring you to that first page. We understand that every business need customers and we help you acquire customers online. SEO is a long term investment which will reap you exponential benefits in the long run.

Believe it or not, a lot of businesses  struggle acquiring organic traffic to their website, and when this does not work out, they eventually give up. Here’s what we do. In our experience, one needs to understand the following:

  • What is the company’s value proposition?
  • What problem are they solving and for whom?
  • Who is the target audience who would be looking for the products/services that the company is offering?
  • Which geography is the company targeting?
  • Which are the biggest players in the online space in the target geography?

Then we work the following 5 Step Process for optimizing your website for search engines:

  • Keyword Research
  • Information Architecture
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical and Performance Optimisation
  • Link Analysis of Competitors
  • Off-Page SEO

We provide the following SEO Services based on your specific needs:

  • SEO Site Assessment
  • Site analysis
  • Identifying Keywords
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content and On-Page Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Current Issues with Website
  • Proposed Changes on Website

Deliverable: 30-page Report; Timeline: 4 weeks

  • SEO Consulting Services

10 hours a month Consulting Service

  • Consult Client’s Team
  • Evaluate and Critique their work
  • Abreast client of Algorithmic changes

SEO Training

  • Train Client’s SEO Team; KWR, Architecture, On-page, Content, Backlinking
  • 20 Hours Training Program; 5 days


Professional SEO Services

  • For medium sized websites
  • Upto 15 keywords (1 year Contract)


End to End SEO

  • For large and complex websites with no specific keywords
  • Bespoke, 1 year Contract


End to End SEO

Still wondering why you should hire us. Being a leading SEO service provider in India, our work speaks for us.  We have helped a Bangalore based House Cleaning Services business grow revenue by 30%. We have helped a Refurbished Computer Retailer increase leads by 1500%. And here’s what he said about us:

“The work done by Raunak and Team has been exemplary. We started getting positive improvements with a few days of engagement . Not only were the results visible and actionable , the constant innovation introduced over the period of engagement helped us get results way beyond the brief of the project. Add to it the infectious and professional approach to the work, prompt client servicing and very hands on approach. We did try talking to SEO experts earlier but this engagement has been an eye opener and we wish the team all the success in this venture. Thanks for the good work” – Nishant Prasad, CleanFanatic

Now let’s get to why you should hire us for your Online campaigns & Advertising Requirements.
  • We work with brands to create content on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Campaigns, Video Campaigns, Media Planning & Buying. We help you create the buzz if there is a product that you’re launching or you just want to generate more sales.
  • We work with the brand to understand the campaign objective and then strategize a 360 degree approach to campaign promotion to get the maximum reach and ROI. Our research team and creative team work closely to design & create the campaign. With the help of coders, designers, copywriters & video experts we execute the campaign. We also work with online influencers to create the hype and the buzz.
  • Still not convinced? Our campaigns have been highly successful for brands. Here are some interesting stats:
    • Our Twitter Campaign received more than 3.5 million impressions and reached more than 800,000 users on Twitter. We trended #1 in Bangalore.
    • Our Facebook Campaigns have helped brands sell out their packages in 3 weeks netting over INR 40 lakhs in revenues
    • Our Video campaigns have generated more than 20,000 views in a few days

Campaigns can help you achieve “Virality” or help you trend on social media. This helps create more brand awareness, media coverage and a huge surge in brand followers.


Why should you hire us for Media Planning & Buying:

So now we have devised a beautiful campaign to everyone’s liking and you want to grab the most number of eyeballs for it. You don’t need to buy every online media out there. It’s more about planning the target audience & the correct demography for the specific campaign. You need to research and analyse before going forward and buying online media.

Guess how we do it? .  We help you understand the objectives for the media buy. Identify the right publishers or ad exchanges that can reach the right target customers. Our research team gathers data and insight of various media and the potential of each publisher. Identify metrics that can quantify the success of the campaign. We work with several Ad Buying Platforms, as well as independent publishers to plan the Media buying activities that can achieve the brand goals. Be it achieving impressions, clicks or conversions, we will plan, measure and execute it for you.


And finally, Why Rank Higher for Online Reputation Management?

Social Media is a 2 way platform. Did You Know? When a customers tweets to a brand, they expect a reply back within 20 minutes. So there you are creating content and publishing them. Don’t you wanna find out what is your audiences views and opinions are on your brand. It is excessively important to listen to what your customer has to say about you. If someone is not happy with the services or products provided by you, then it is highly probable that person could be writing negative comments on your page. And these negative comments can gather many eyeballs and could easily go out of hand if not handled at the right moment. Social listening is extremely important specially if you’re a nationwide brand, because of the sheer volume of conversation that takes place. At Rank Higher, we understand how important Social Listening and Reputation Management are for the success of your brand. Our team of experts has mastered the execution of ORM. We use online tools to listen to customer conversations every time they discuss about your brand. We take part in conversations that involves your brand. If there is a disgruntled customer, we will pass on the details to your customer services team who can take it up on priority. We reply to comments on your social media pages and profiles. If a customer inquires about your product/service, we immediately pass it onto your inquiry team.


We also provide digital marketing services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai.


Now if you’re looking for a Digital Marketing Company / Agency in Delhi. You have come to the right place. So do give us a buzz at +91-9008639690 or mail us at  


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