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RankHigher™ is an 8 year old digital marketing agency having worked with brands across 15+ verticals to deliver more than 100% ROI consistently.

We have worked with Listed Companies, VC funded startups and SMEs across Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, F&B, Retail, Utilities, Home Improvement, Interior Designers, Fintech, Agritech, B2B technology firms, Startup Accelerators, and many more.

We have a mix of technologists, UI/UX designers and developers, SEO experts, Content Creators and Motion Graphics Designers who can deliver proven results across verticals.

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, we aim to partner with brands on:

- Developing sustainable brand value
- Generating Leads that can impact sales
- Creating effective technology platforms to help brands be ahead in engaging with their customers
- We combine the ethos of traditional media with new age micro-content that targets attention deficit millennials to create effective stories that resonate with your customers.

We believe customers are at the heart of every story and we create content that communicates with them in the language that they resonate with.

Kochi being the business hub of Kerala and having strong business ties with companies across the globe, having a strong digital presence is key to survive in the competitive landscape.

As a digital marketing company in Kochi, we engage with brands to help you:

- Understand your unique value proposition
- Identify your customers
- Find the right channels to target and engage with your prospects
- Create compelling content and ads that help generate interest in your business
- Build websites with effective UI to convert your website visitors to opportunities

Some of our work highlights:

  • Helped India’s biggest hospital chain develop and implement effective digital marketing presence and develop campaigns that increased ROI by more than 5X
  • Built social media presence of one of the world’s largest Water Management Companies and win awards globally
  • Mentored and developed effective SEO strategy for India’s largest Home Services Provider Company
  • Increased admissions to Bangalore’s largest school franchise by over 10X
  • Enabled a startup in fintech to generate online sales that lead to a $1 million VC finding
  • Created viral content for Bangalore’s leading Cosmetic Clinic Chain that increased brand awareness and footfalls by over 4X
  • Enabled Kerala and Qatar’s leading Systems Integrator Company develop brand visibility that accelerated sales
  • Helped establish a startup become the leading Interior Design Company in Kolkata through effective SEO and social media campaigns
Online Trends in 2021 and Beyond
As per Google Consumer Trends data, here are the top marketing trends in 2021:
  • How can brands not only survive but thrive post the pandemic?
  • How can consumers gain control over the immediate surroundings and items and activities that give emotional, physical and psychological benefits?
  • How can brands help consumers not only maintain existing connections but also cultivate new ones?
  • How can brands help consumers make the most of their home?
  • Does the brand not only stand up but also stay committed to social causes? This includes equitable pay, gender equality, racial and social discrimination, sustainable practices etc

Why should you partner with Kochi’s Leading Digital Marketing Company, RankHigher™ ?

If you are a company looking to accelerate digital footprint, generate online buzz, create brand awareness, increase sales or manage reputation by engaging with your customers consistently and positively, we are happy to partner with you.


What is our process to take your brand to the next level:
  • We meet with you to understand your USP
  • We analyse your Geography, TG, competitors
  • We perform a SWAT Analysis to understand how you stand against your competitors
  • We create a plan that encompasses a 360 degree view of your brand and touchpoints
  • We propose an incremental plan which focuses on few channels initially to help you generate more awareness and engagement
  • Based on the success of our initial channels, we scale your digital campaigns with a tight grip on ROI on your marketing spend
  • Our marketing managers will constantly be in touch with you to understand metrics to modify and adapt our digital marketing strategies
  • Rehash the strategies every few months to ensure our content is fresh and engaging
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