Content Marketing Workshop at UrbanClap

Content Marketing Workshop at UrbanClap

What does a brand get out of a content marketing workshop? These pictures say it all.

RankHigher conducted a Corporate Content Marketing Workshop for the UrbanClap team in Gurgaon on 22nd February, 2016.

When one of the members of UrbanClap got in touch with us, earlier this month, she informed how like most brands, they are getting confused with Content Marketing and not able to identify how to leverage content to grow their business.

UrbanClap is a home services marketplace. One can book trusted service providers; such as Make-up artists, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, yoga instructors etc from their platform.

The challenges for UrbanClap is – How to identify the right type of content, given they offer varied services and create content that will attract readers to their platform and eventually get them to book their services?

The workshop was attended by around 17 participants, spanning teams across Business Development, Service Category Heads, Customer Service, Marketing, Product, SEO and Content Marketing teams.

The workshop was divided into 3 main parts:

1. In the first part, the teams brainstormed content ideas based on their experience and intuition.

2. In the second part, the teams identified content ideas, which they have discovered through primary research, mainly by interacting with their customers and service providers.

3. In the third part, the teams used various online tools to identify content. This was based on secondary research on how customers search online to find solutions to their problems.

Along the process, the participants learned –

1.  How to define the brand’s USP, the mission and vision of the company, and the core messaging?

2.  How to identify core users, demography and psychographic traits of users, and their worldviews?

3.  What kind of content creates the biggest engagement?

The teams also realised the importance of how content is not the sole responsibility of the content team, but rather is a combined team effort from teams across multiple departmentsAt the end of the 8 hour workshop, the participants were ready with 50 content ideas and a deep understanding of how to research content ideas as well as a plan to improve the website to drive more targeted visitors.

Here is what one of the participants had to say about the workshop:

If you are a brand looking to leverage social media to grow your business, then we have got the right workshop just for you. is conducting an intensive 2 day workshop on Social Media Marketing in Bangalore on March 18th and 19th 2016.

The workshop will be highly beneficial for business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketing managers, digital marketing executives, marketing managers and brand managers.

To know more about the workshop, click on the link below: