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SEO Service in Kerala


Being organically discoverable on the web will help your business in increased website visitors, potential business opportunities and enhanced sales. If your business appears on the top of Google search results, you have the potential to increase visitors by almost 60%.

PPC Marketing Service in Kerala

PPC Marketing

Google Ads is one of the fastest methods to generate business opportunities online. Being able to show your ad in front of potential customers, who are actively seeking for businesses like yours, is a quick way to generate enquiries. Our proven PPC strategies have helped businesses increase sales over several crores.

Social Media Service in Kerala

Social Media

Today, the world is driven by the power of conversations. Social Media has empowered visitors to engage with brands in a more meaningful manner. Social media has democratized marketing and it will continue to be so, with our increased dependency on mobile phones. We help you find your voice on social media.

Content Marketing Service in Kerala

Content Marketing

Website Development Service in Kerala

Website Development

Online Media Buy Service in Kerala

Online Media Buy

To achieve digital success, we help you place your advertisements in the right medium in front of potential customers. With the right mix of display campaigns, we help you identify new media buying opportunities.

Online Reputation Management Service in Kerala

Online Reputation Management

In a conversational world, it is important to have a dialogue with your customers online. You need to be honest and transparent in your interactions. With our ORM services, you can be assured that we are always listening to online conversations that pertain to your brand.

Video Production Service in Kerala

Video Production

More than 80% people watch videos before they come to a brand’s website and make an enquiry. That is the power of videos and we our video production and editing capabilities ensure you can engage with customers better.

UI/UX Design Service in Kerala

UI/UX Design

The way a visitor interacts with your website/product/app and whether he finds it useful, easily navigable and you are able to quickly drive him towards your desired end goal is the power of useful UI/UX. With our research driven approach, we have transformed websites of brands to effectively increase business by over 5X.

Logo Design Service in Kerala

Logo Design

Logo is your brand identity which helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. We help you define your brand logo and collaterals to help your business off the ground or if you wish to change your brand identity

best digital marketing company in Kerala

Welcome to – the best digital marketing company in Kerala

Are you ready to transform your business in the digital age? For the last 8 years, RankHigher™ has empowered businesses across the globe to use the power of technology and digital marketing to sustainably grow their businesses with increased brand awareness, more website visitors and growth in sales.

We have helped listed companies, VC backed startups and SMEs across Fintech, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Home Improvement Services, Interior Design, B2B technology companies, Utilities, F&B, Retail, E-Commerce, Agritech, Startups and more in their digital transformation journey.

Some of our work highlights:

  •  We helped grow India’s largest hospital chain grow their revenue through online channels by 5X
  • We helped establish digital presence of the World’s largest Water and Waste Management Company in India
  • Mentored and developed SEO strategy for India’s largest Home Services Company when it was in its nascency.
  • We have increased admissions to Bangalore’s largest CBSE school franchise by over 10X
  • Enabled a fintech P2P startup to generate substantial sales leading to a $1M VC funding.
  • Bangalore’s leading Cosmetic Clinic Chain increased social media following and brand awareness through our viral campaigns
  • We helped Qatar’s leading Systems Integrator Company to develop brand visibility and increase sales.
  • Helped one of Kolkata’s largest Interior Design Company with effective SEO, social media and technology to transition the business process.


How can RankHigher™, Kerala’s leading digital marketing agency help you?

  • Our delivery head discusses with you to understand your business goals, TG and geography
  • We work out a plan to help you meet your objectives with a proposed budget
  • We start small with careful and meticulous planning to ensure you are able to generate ROI for your spend
  • Be it Landing Page, website development or creating campaigns, our plans give you clarity on how we approach your business problem
  • We closely track analytics to understand user behaviour on the website
  • Based on performance we scale up the campaigns to meet desired revenue objective

If you are business in Kerala, looking to maximise business opportunities through digital means, get in touch with us.

Kochi being the business hub of Kerala. As a digital marketing company in Kochi, we engage with brands to help you to promote your business.

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