Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Video Campaigns

We develop videos that work extremely well on social media. Our videos are based on stories that are relatable and speak to the viewer’s emotions. We understand the emotional triggers that make a person engage with content and we use this knowledge to develop scripts for brands that do very well.

Social Listening

Social Media has given a voice to your customers. Now they are ready to talk about issues that matter to them. As a brand you need to be extremely careful of what your customers or prospects are speaking about you in the social space. An unfortunate incident can quickly spiral out of control leading to lot of bad press. We help brands in social listening and manage their online reputation through proactively taking part in discussions and addressing customer concerns.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is big for social media. If you want to go “viral” or want your product or service to get attention quickly, then influencer marketing is the best approach for your brand. We work with influencers for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have seen huge success through influencer marketing for brands.

Social Media Campaigns

Based on the micro-content that we create for brands on their pages, we find out the ones that are doing really well. Then we use this data to create campaigns that can either lead to a huge surge in leads/sales or engagement. We have generated over INR 2 Crore worth of revenues for our clients using Facebook ads alone.

Social Media Page Management

Social Media Page Management is crucial to how your brand is perceived by your audience. You need to be consistent with not only the frequency of content produced but also the quality of content. Our team invests time to research and understand your audience and the time of the day when they are the most active. Through our experiments we also understand the genre of content that works well for your target audience. We create content that works perfectly under the context of your brand. We usually suggest creating 1 post per day on Facebook and about 15 tweets per day on Twitter. We have seen great success with brands with this frequency. We work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram management.


Welcome to, the best social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR is a specialised Social Media Agency, where we work with brands to enhance their brand engagement and sales using social media platforms. We have helped brands increase engagement by 400X and grow sales by 5X through social media marketing.

Why should you invest in an SMO (Social Media Optimization) Company in Delhi NCR?

We are living in an era of social-first businesses. Earlier, businesses used to come up with a product and service and then splash the media (TV, print, and OOH) with promotional advertisements speaking about how the product is great for the consumer. With more and more ads shown all around, people developed a symptom called ad fatigue. People developed a habit of intuitively ignoring ads that were presented in front of them. How many ads do you remember which you see on the road while commuting to the office every day? I guess you will not remember more than 1 or 2.

With the penetration of smartphones and the lower cost of the internet, the masses are consuming content online. What used to be a fun activity for the urban youngsters 4-5 years back has seen tremendous mainstream adoption among the masses. Your probable customers are all on social media. They are spending more than 60-80% of their time on social media consuming content frantically. As a business, you have to go where your customer's attention is at the moment and leverage that as much as possible.

You need to have an extremely professional approach to using SMO services for your brand. Just like you seek professional help in creating the best ads for your brand for TV or print, the same is applicable for Social media as well. You cannot leave it youngsters with little to no knowledge of the space to do a good job for you. They will do you more harm than good.

A good professional Social Media optimization agency in Delhi can help you with the following:

Helping you understand your social media goals

Just with any professional activity with an ROI attached to it, your social media activity should have specific, measurable goals for your brand. The metrics for social media success are somewhat different than a traditional advertising medium. On social media, you can quantify the level of engagement, the reach of content, and how posts are liked, shared by people. This will help you develop a content strategy and a plan that you can use to grow your engagement base. A good social media agency will focus on user engagement vs. getting your page likes. We see so many brands still focussing on page likes as a metric for success that it cringes! It is just so wrong! Also, you need to have a plan as to how to use this content to drive specific campaigns, such as any offers or any services/products you intend to sell.

Define a target audience based on user persona and psychographic data

 A good professional social media agency’s job is to do thorough user research for your brand. You do not want to end up putting in all the effort and creating content which is targeting a completely wrong audience. Unlike traditional marketing channels, you can define a very specific audience for your brand. This makes social media very powerful.

Create exceptional content that can get people hooked to your brand

This is the most important aspect of SMO which brands tend to undermine is content quality. Content quality depends on two aspects:

Whether you are creating engaging and interesting content for your target customer

Let’s be honest. We have moved on from Inspirational Monday and Happy weekend posts. Those posts have been done to death by brands earlier, and unless you can give a new angle to those types of content, you should not do it. It speaks out loudly the lack of ideas and research of your social media team. You have to invest time to understand why people behave the way they do on social media. And why do people come to social media in the first place? Then you will be able to create content that gets them excited.

Whether you have invested in high-quality designers and videos to make your content look exceptional aesthetically.

A lot of brands make their social media pages look like those badly designed pamphlets that you see being distributed in between your newspapers. Do you want your brand to be perceived as a shabby bad looking brand? People want to engage with beautifully designed stuff. A good-looking video with DSLR quality will always do better than one shot through poor-quality camera phones. A good social media agency will be fanatical about producing aesthetically beautiful content.

Why should you work with – the best social media agency in Delhi NCR?


We are a team of storytellers, marketers, scriptwriters, movie directors, video producers, designers, and social media experts. As a result, we are able to bring diverse experience in creating content that delivers. Collectively our experience is over ten years in the field of digital marketing.

Success Stories

We have created social media content that has “gone viral,” getting over 50,000 shares organically and reaching over 1 million people. Our campaigns have been featured on Afaqs, Business Insider, Astro TV Network (Malaysia), Social Samosa, and many other magazines. Our Twitter campaigns have reached over 8 million users and over 20 million people generating over 100 followers in 2 hours.

Thought Leadership

We are actively involved in developing the knowledge base around social media marketing. We have been invited as Guest speakers at Nasscom and Kyron Global Accelerators. We have conducted workshops for brands such as UrbanClap. We contribute guest articles to on a regular basis in the field of digital marketing. We maintain a YouTube Channel (a pioneer of its kind in India) where we give tips on digital marketing to businesses.


We are also providing Social Media services in Mumbai and Bangalore.


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