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Social Media Packages

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Social Media - Inclusions
No of Social Media Posts 15 24 30 Based on the requirement
Boosting of posts*
Page Likes Promotion Budget 1000 2000
Platforms | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | Pinterest | Quora** Any 1 Any 2 Any 2
Infographics or GIF per month 1 2
Social Media - Other Inclusions
Social Media Channel Creation ( If needed)
Content Strategy
Unique Content Planning & Creation
Target Audience Research
Hashtag Research
Responding to messages and escalation if needed
Content Scheduling & Management
Quizzes / Contests*
Dedicated Social Media Expert
Custom Campaigns
SMM - Based on Requirement ( Not part of package ) - Billed Separately
Video Creation
Lead Generation Campaigns
Sales / Catalogue Campaigns
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* Fixed budget of INR 100 per post to targeted demography
** Same content and creatives go on different platforms


Explore Our Add-ons

Social Media Video

₹ 6500 / $ 85

Video Creation 

Social media videos use stock images and videos with a duration of a maximum of 25 seconds. 

Activities Include

  • Storyboarding
  • Stock images/videos
  • Script, editing, background music
  • Revision - Up to 2



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Social Media Management Packages

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Initially seen as a hobby, these platforms have become real marketing assets for companies now. Their exponential growth and their influence on consumption are no longer to be proven. The main advantage of social networks is the proximity to customers, allowing them to share their experience about the product or service with the brand by acting as a direct communication channel.

Good social media marketing is a key element in the success of a brand or product today. Yes, to drive the wheel of marketing strategies, social media is one important factor among many. Every social media has a role to play. 

Signing up for an account on any social networking platform is free - anyone can create a company Facebook page or Twitter account. However, managing and monitoring them can be time-consuming and strenuous. At RankHigher, we offer social media management packages for major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and help you establish an effective online presence, ensuring that it is monitored and updated in a timely manner. Our social media managers also help with choosing the number of platforms you want to use and customize your strategy, optimize your budget, and help drive results for your business. 


Facebook Management Packages


Facebook and its pages are powerful tools for social media marketing, but without a good strategy, it will be difficult to move forward, acquire new followers and, above all, convert them into customers. A successful social strategy relies on the creation and sharing of fresh, original, and quality content. 


With our Facebook Management Packages, you will receive

  • Page setup and optimization

  • Competitive analysis and brand reputation analysis

  • Network audit and customized recommendations 

  • Dedicated Facebook account manager

  • Daily monitoring of your account

  • Monthly reports, etc.


Facebook advertising campaigns are extremely effective in generating traffic. Indeed, they make it possible to reach potential customers according to their geolocation and also according to their interests, for results that meet your expectations. The marketing campaigns on this medium are also still relatively cheap. They allow us to keep control of the expenses since it lets us choose the budget and the audience in advance. If you want to fine-tune your Facebook ads, RankHigher also offers various Facebook advertising plans. All of our Facebook ad packages include: custom ad images, advanced targeting options, a dedicated account manager, etc. 


When you work with us, we don't provide you with a generic predefined solution, but we do help you get the services that are right for you. Our social media managers can help 


  • Create events and contests

  • Conduct Polls

  • Publish customer reviews

  • Publish job offers

  • Allow potential customers to contact your company

  • Create advertisements

  • Showcase products via catalogue

  • Create posts on a regular basis

  • Manage comments 

  • Provide insight data analysis

  • Improve the score (like followers, visibility of posts, user interaction, etc.)

  • Monitor results over time


By regularly analysing the results of the statistics tab, we also improve and optimise the communication on this social network.


Instagram Management Packages


Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and therefore the most competitive for businesses or branding. But despite the competition, any successful social media marketing strategy simply cannot ignore playing its cards right on the platform. Therefore, establishing a presence or advertising on Instagram for business purposes is essential these days. We, at RankHigher, offer various affordable Instagram management packages that help you manage and optimise your presence on Instagram to reach more customers and generate more revenue online for your business.


A wide range of services is included with each level of package offered by us. Our social media managers work with you to review your goals, marketing budget, and industry-specific needs to determine the best package. This way, we ensure that our Instagram management packages fit your needs at a price that best suits your business. Our team also offers complete support which includes not only the creation and publishing of content but also a follow-up of the publications and analysis of their interactions. 


The use of Instagram is image-centric. By sharing images of your company's day-to-day life, we help you build your brand's image. After launching your account, we put in place all possible means: a good content strategy, catchy advertising campaigns, collaborations with famous accounts, adding appropriate hashtags, etc. so that your brand has a strong visual identity on this platform, whose clientele is still predominantly young. 


At RankHigher, our Instagram management and marketing strategies mainly focus on 


  • Creating your business profile

  • Creating content 

  • Growing your audience

  • Launching advertising campaigns 

  • Using Instagram Insights for the betterment and much more


As with all marketing strategies, the first thing we do is defining your buyer persona. This will allow us to create relevant, targeted, and high value-added publications. Of course, we will vary the content and adapt it to the specificities of the industry involved.


With clear targeting, catchy creations, and careful budget optimization, our social media managers effectively manage Ad campaigns on Instagram. We also set up detailed reporting allowing you to follow the performance in real time.


Twitter Management Packages


Twitter sees several thousands of tweets every second. This puts into perspective how actively people use it as a conversation platform. And for enterprises and companies, these conversations prove to be a valuable and useful source of customer insight. How you style your tweets and interact with your audience on Twitter is highly effective in establishing your brand personality and growing awareness. 


If you are just starting on Twitter or need an updated strategy, you can start with our standard Twitter management packages to strongly establish your brand voice on this platform. Our affordable level of pricing is ideal for small businesses just starting out in the world of social interaction. If you have a large business and are serious about Twitter, our aggressive or market-leading Twitter management packages are for you.


We offer a catalogue of services related to the management of your account. Also, the support we offer is adapted and personalised to your needs. Depending on your goals and your budget, you can choose a fixed price or make a specific request for a tailor-made service!


At RankHigher, our goals for your Twitter account includes

  • Optimizing your profile

  • Posting a variety of tweets with strong content

  • Tweeting regularly and at the right time

  • Linking your Twitter account to your website and other social networks

  • Increasing awareness about your service or product

  • Providing the most up-to-date information in your industry

  • Connecting with and following leaders/influencers in your industry


Like many other social networks, Twitter has its own advertising tool, called Twitter Ads, which allows companies to increase their coverage. Through Twitter Ads, we help you reach the most suitable people by choosing your target audience based on interests, geographic area, gender, device in use, or similar users to your followers. With regard to the budget for your campaigns, it should be noted that there is no minimum budget and that you can start or stop your campaign at any time.


LinkedIn Management Packages

LinkedIn differs from other social networks in its purely professional approach. On LinkedIn, you don't look for friends, but for professional relationships: partners, colleagues, employers, prospects, customers, etc. One can also create personal branding and manage e-reputation in order to generate a controlled image of him or his company. 


Being present on this social network will make your business visible to a professional community and help find potential customers. To get the most out of your LinkedIn page, it is necessary to be accompanied by an experienced professional with the necessary experience to guide you and prevent you from making mistakes that could slow you down in reaching your goals. At RankHigher, our LinkedIn management packages include services that can go as far as the turnkey creation of your LinkedIn professional page and its promotion.


Our 4 C's to get more out of your LinkedIn account are

  • CREATING a client-centric profile

  • CONNECTING with your prospects

  • CONSTRUCTING a list of targeted prospects

  • COMMUNICATING with your network

There is a magic formula on LinkedIn:


Visibility + Credibility = Business!


Our social media managers use the below methods to achieve this,

  • Understanding and writing to be found on LinkedIn

  • Creating new content for the specific target group

  • Mastering the different LinkedIn tools


As with most social networks, statistical tools are available to monitor the performance of your LinkedIn page or profile in real time. This way, our social media experts collect information on the development of your profile or your page and adjust the content according to the content that receives the most interactions from your users.


We also use LinkedIn to promote your business by incorporating LinkedIn ads into our marketing strategy. Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach even more users. To do this, our experts make use of four options offered by this network:

  • Sponsored Content

  • Message Ads

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Text Ads


Since LinkedIn has excellent targeting capabilities that can help us make strategic decisions, using LinkedIn ads to promote business on LinkedIn and retargeting businesses on LinkedIn is a good idea.