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best digital marketing agency in Mumbai

Looking to work with one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai?

Let us help you. Customers are increasingly moving towards digital communications. The customer attention has moved away from television and newspapers to Facebook, Twitter and online magazines. With Facebook’s latest announcement on showing related articles on Facebook feed marks an important aspect in marketing. It essentially means people will not have to move out of Facebook to read articles of other publishers. This establishes Facebook as the biggest media channel out there.

Users are spending more time on Facebook alone than all other platforms combined (both online and offline). The repeat usage of social media per day is on the rise.

Therefore, as a head of marketing for your brands, it is about time that you define and execute a 360 degree marketing approach where digital marketing plays a big part.

We, at can help you with defining, executing and measuring digital marketing campaigns for your business which can lead to substantial growth in brand discovery, brand awareness, engagement, sales and loyalty.

As a brand owner, you should be aware that digital marketing strategy differs substantially from traditional marketing methods. While traditional marketing is about positioning the brand as the hero of the messaging, digital marketing is about positioning the audience as the hero of the communication. Since people have the power over digital, they can control which messages they want to interact with and which messages they want to shut out. As the power dynamics have shifted from the brand owners to consumers, you have to think carefully how to communicate effectively given the changing landscape of consumption. is uniquely positioned to help you in this regard. We are non-believers of push marketing strategies. We are people who believe in the era of consumer is king and as a brand, it is our responsibility to respect consumers. We do not carry the baggage of traditional advertising or PR. We instead live and breathe digital. We believe in creating meaningful stories that are develop for users.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is known as the commercial capital of India. It is one of the busiest business cities in the country with a flurry of brands which are headquartered there. As a marketing manager, you need to have access to an experienced digital marketing agency in Mumbai that can help you communicate your brand story effectively using digital platforms and make the most impact. This is where comes in.

11 reasons to work with – the best digital marketing company in Mumbai has been working with brands across various industries and we have been able to grow businesses substantially using our consulting and strategic services. Here is a list of services that we offer for brands:

  • We are a Social Media first Agency

As mentioned earlier, how the attention span of the user has shifted from traditional media to social media and how the power of communication has moved into the hands of the consumer. We are living in the era where content is consumed at an enormous rate thanks to the growth of platforms like Facebook. has been working with brands in social media management and social media campaigns and we have helped brands grow by 10X in revenues. Our team understand users and their day to day challenges and we create unique stories within the context of the brand that make the stories engagement worthy. Because of the power of content, we have managed to grow brand engagement and brand trust. This is directly proportional to the attention that user gives to a brand and impacts his/her buying decision process.

  • We understand the nuances of various social media platforms

If you already have presence in different social media platforms, yet you are confused why are things not moving and nothing seem to be happening, then we believe you are doing social media the wrong way. Most often, we see brands having presence in more than 3-4 platforms at the same time and end up doing a below average job at each. This is because, every platform is unique and has a reason why it exists in the first place. Otherwise everyone would be happy with just Facebook or Twitter. As a digital marketer, you have to understand the nuance of every platform and why people choose to prefer one platform over the other. Unfortunately, given our limited time and bandwidth constraint as well budget, we do not end up doing enough due diligence of individual platforms. And we end up replicating the same content across all social media platforms. This wrong and a waste of effort. It is better to choose 2-3 platforms and own them completely. We have an extensive understanding of how each platform works, what type of content do well on each platform and how to measure the performance of each.

  • We create quality content

We have a team of designers, marketers, storytellers, video producers and directors who bring in a diverse experience from their respective fields to create content that communicates a story that users love to engage with. We are living in the era of social media 2.0, where social media is about creating engagement through content. Through extensive research on consumer psychology we have understood what picks a user’s attention, why she engages with content, and why she shares this content with her network. We understand how to position content in the context of a brand’s story and how the content seamlessly fits in with the brand objective. Some of our content pieces have gone viral and have gained more than 50,000 shares organically reaching over 1 million people. (Read some of our case studies)

  • User Research

The method to do user research for your offline marketing channels varies significantly from your online marketing channels. You need to have a deep understanding of how to use online tools effectively to understand user behaviour, interests, demographic and psychographic details. We have experience and expertise in combining data from various research tools to identify the right target audience for your online marketing campaigns.

  • We develop videos

If you are following the latest trends online, you must be aware of the importance of videos. Facebook has started to autoplay videos on users’ feeds. Video is the most popular form of content consumption and people pay more attention to videos than they do for other forms of content. Our team has expertise in developing videos which can get loads of engagement on social media.

  • We help you develop campaigns that can generate sales for your business

Facebook is one of the best platforms to generate leads/sales for your business. If you are in the B2C space and have a product/service that is appealing to a large audience, we will help you sell. We have helped businesses generate more than INR 2 Crore worth of business using Social Media Campaigns alone

  • We help you trend on Twitter

If you want your brand to trend on Twitter, then talk to us. We work with Social Media influencers in your niche who can help you spread the word out. In our past campaigns, we have helped brands reach over 8 million users through Twitter.

  • Measuring Social Media Impact

If you are worried, how to quantify the results of social media and how does it fit into the overall objective, let us tell you that social media is the most easily quantifiable channel out there among your marketing campaigns. You can track the which posts have done well, which time of the day does well, which genre of content works well with your audience and which of your customers have actually come from your social media campaigns.

  • We are experts in Search Engine Marketing (Google PPC Campaigns)

Google adwords is one the best ways to generate leads/sales for a business. If you have a well- defined audience and they are already looking to buy the products/services that you offer, then Google Adwords can provide the maximum bang for your buck. However, as a marketing manager, you need to be very careful about the expense and the cost per lead generated. specialises not only on creating and executing the campaigns buy also optimising the campaigns on a regular basis thus ensuring that your ads are performing at their best and you are able to generate sales/leads that gives you a significant ROI.

  • Newsletters

We help brands in consulting and designing newsletters that can effectively communicate brand developments and insights to its customers. Email marketing is still a very effective channel. Even though the email open rates have gone down significantly, the resultant ROI from email campaigns is still significant given the low cost of campaign delivery. Besides, email campaigns can help engage your loyal followers on a regular basis and keep them updated with news, stories, offers as well as content that they would love to consume.

  • We develop quality websites is one one of the leading web design & development companies in Mumbai. We develop websites with the purpose of generating leads and increase sales for your business. We use a SEO first approach to designing and developing the website architecture which helps your website to rank high on search engines.

How do we engage with brands on providing Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai?

We work on following engagement models:

  • Monthly Retainer Models for a defined set of activities
  • Engagement based on Campaigns where we charge a percentage of results achieved
  • Social Media Consulting where we consult the brand’s internal team on specific set of deliverables
  • Social Media in-house training for brands. We have trained the likes of UrbanClap on content marketing strategy and implementation
  • We provide expert SEO services that can help you grow your business by several multiples.

We provide digital marketing services across multiple cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai.


We provide digital marketing services to companies located in Mumbai including Malad, Mulund, Thane, Mira Road, Ghatkopar, Goregaon, Bandra, Kandivali, Andheri East, Andheri West, Lower Parel, Chembur East etc.


Convinced about working with to help you in your digital marketing execution? Please fill in the Contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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