Our Corporate Digital Marketing Training Service

Corporate Facebook & Instagram Ads Training

Corporate Facebook & Instagram Ads Training

Businesses are using Facebook as their primary social media channel. However, they are not able to use Facebook effectively to engage the audience and use it for effective lead generation

Corporate Content Marketing Training

Corporate Content Marketing Workshop

Brands are creating content at a frantic pace. However, most brands are doing it the wrong way. Content is not developed with a certain objective in mind.

Corporate SEO Training Workshop

Corporate SEO Training Workshop

SEO helps in online traffic and more revenues for a brand. However, brands are not able to use SEO effectively. The focus and research needed for SEO is missing.

Corporate SEM Training

Corporate SEM Training

Google is one of the best channels to drive visitors and leads for a business.

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Corporate Digital Marketing Training Service In India

Corporate Digital Marketing Training Service

We are practitioners in digital marketing for over 2 years. Through execution of multiple successful projects which have grown client revenues by 10X, we have established ourselves as an authority in the field of digital marketing.

What makes us Unique?

  • We have been awarded one of Top 5 Most Promising SEO Companies
  • We have been featured on Afaqs, Business Insider, Malaysian TV Network, Social Samosa
  • We have given Guest Talks at Nasscom and Kyron Global Accelerator
  • Our Facebook Campaigns have helped Businesses grow engagement by 400X and revenues
  • We have helped businesses sell out their packages in 3 weeks clocking more than INR 40 lakhs in revenue
  • Through SEO, we have grown websites from 0 to over 30,000 visitors a month organically

Our workshops are tailored towards helping corporations and businesses:

  • Address digital marketing concerns
  • Understand and Apply the tools available for Digital Marketing
  • Develop a plan to successfully find, engage and retain customers
  • Leverage the maximum out of marketing spend
  • Measure and track performance of digital marketing campaigns
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