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Business Analysis and Keyword Research in Delhi NCR

Business Analysis and Keyword Research

SEO is a very strategy level activity. To be good in SEO, one needs to take time to understand the business, the target market, competitors and the overall niche. This helps to develop an SEO SWOT Analysis. We invest time in doing the SWOT Analysis post our market research. Following this, we invest time in doing a through keyword research of your business. This enables us to find potential gems in your industry which no one is tapping into.

Website Architecture in Delhi NCR

Website Architecture

Have you ever wondered, why does Wikipedia show up for most searches? This is because they have a fabulous architecture and interlinking. Google crawlers look for a good website architecture and interlinking to classify information. And this helps them to rank websites based on search terms. We invest time to develop the perfect architecture for your website that can get all the SEO benefits.

On-Page Optmization in Delhi NCR

On-Page Optmization

A properly optimised page will be easy to read and will have the right balance of information that Google search engine prefers. It will not be over optimised with keyword stuffing. Rather it will have the right balance of keywords, meta tags and content structure that will give the required search engine boost. We have helped work on on-page for websites which are over 4000 pages big. So, we can assure you, we know how it is done!

Performance Optimization in Delhi NCR

Performance Optmization

A fast loading mobile optimised site always get preference on Google search vs a slow loading or non- responsive site. More people are searching on mobile these days and it is important for you to have a mobile responsive site. Google has mandated all websites to be mobile responsive and fast loading. We help you achieve peak performance for your site and help it load faster.

Off-Page Optimization in Delhi NCR


Backlinking has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. It is not about the number of backlinks but the quality of backlinks. Also excessive backlinks with over optimised anchor text can get your website de-listed on Google. We have a process that can ensures we develop quality backlinks and diversify the anchor text such that you will never face any problem from Google.

Leading SEO Company in Delhi NCR

Welcome to Rank Higher, the leading SEO Company In Delhi NCR

To be good at SEO and to rank higher on Google search results is a must for every business. Whether you are an online business, or you have a storefront, you need to be discovered by your target audience. And Google search is the most widely used tool by people to look for businesses in Delhi.

Why should a business invest in SEO Services in Delhi NCR?

Let’s look at the numbers: There are more than a billion queries that take place on Google every day. In Delhi alone there are over 18 lacs people who are using Google search to buy products/services online. There are over 1 lakh businesses in Delhi and NCR alone and all of them are trying to be discovered by prospective customers. As a business owner, you should be trying to get your website to come to the first page of Google for your niche. This will literally increase your business by 10 times depending on the niche you are.

As a business owner or the marketing manager of your company, you will not have the time or the skills to get your website to rank on page 1 of Google in Delhi. This is where comes in. We provide you skilled SEO Services in Delhi which can propel your business to success.

How should you select the right SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR for your business?
We understand the challenges of hiring an SEO Services Company. Most of them will promise your great results, will quote you ridiculously low prices and then report you some data on a monthly basis which you have no clue about. After about 3 months, you realise that you have spent money and you have not seen any results.

This is because you have not taken the right effort to select a partner who is invested in your success. As mentioned above, a proper SEO strategy can grow your business 10X. Similarly a wrong SEO partner can siphon out cash in no time and make you lose as much the money.

To be able to select the right SEO partner for your business, you need to consider the following things:

1. Do they have case studies of SEO success?

We admit, it is easier said than done. Every company can show you case study. But how do you validate this. One of the best ways is to see how much impact the SEO agency has on its clients. You can check the ROI and business growth a client has achieved through SEO. Do not focus on only the keywords and rankings which agencies show. For all you know, most of these keywords may not have any search volume on Google. This means they would be ranking businesses for keywords which no one searches. So, even by ranking 1, a business will not generate any customers.

2. Do they have client testimonials?

Do not simply fall for written testimonials on the website. Anybody can write that. Ask for client references. Talk to their past clients. Ask them what specific benefits have they achieved from SEO. In most cases, this will help you filter the good SEO agencies from the bad ones.

3. Do not fall for cheap SEO prices?

There is a saying, “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. If a company charges you low prices that is because they want to make a quick sale. They are not invested enough for your growth. You need to understand that SEO techniques are challenges as we evolve, so have Google. They have made it harder for businesses to rank on Google. So, if an SEO agency in Delhi quotes you low prices, they may be compromising on the work. And it is not wise to pay cheap and suffer. Rather focus on companies that bring value as opposed to cheap prices.

4. Look for the right fit

This is the most difficult part and this is where if you do it correctly, you will get an SEO partner who is committed to make you succeed. Take time to talk to the agency. Let them understand your business challenge, your vision and business goals. Let them define an SEO plan for you. Always look for companies who develop a plan that is customised to your business roadmap. This will help you understand how much the agency understands your business, your niche and are willing to take the right steps for your success.

5. Understand their level of expertise

SEO has evolved and techniques have become very sophisticated, time consuming and costly. If an SEO services company in Delhi still focusses on age old methods of Backlinking, that should be red flag for you right away. It is best if you can take someone along with you, who understands SEO a bit. Or else, if you can develop some SEO overview, that will help. You can ask for their SEO approach and how the agency will implement it. This will help you find the right agency for your businesss.

6. SEO is a long term play

Most often than not, SEO companies will promise you ridiculous results in short span of time. That is their tactic to close a sale. However, be aware that SEO is a long term play and one needs to take a holistic overview of the business, the roadmap of the business one year down the line and how SEO will play a part in it. Do not be tempted by short term results. Any blackhat technique can get your website banned from Google.

What makes the perfect partner for your SEO journey?

Well apart from the name which obviously suggests we help you “rank higher”, we believe we are the perfect partner in your business success. Why?
  • We have been named India’s Top 5 Most Promising SEO Companies by CIO Review
  • We have been invited to give Guest talks on SEO at Nasscom
  • We have been invited to be a mentor to startups for their SEO
  • We have consulted brands such as UrbanClap in Gurgaon to maximise their chances of success through SEO.
  • We have helped businesses grow by over 50X through SEO alone. Some of our clients are getting over 2000 visitors a day only through SEO. And these are purely from non-branded searches on Google.
  •’s founder Raunak Guha is a regular guest contributor on in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • We have worked with business in India, US, UK, Canada and Dubai.
  • We are present in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.
  • We are happy to share our client references who can testify our SEO skill and expertise.
  • Our work has been featured on Afaqs, Business Insider, Astro TV (Malaysia), Social Samosa and others.


We are serving customers all across Delhi NCR, including Gurgaon, Nehru Place, Rajouri Garden, Dwarka, Connaught Place, Janakpuri, Karol Bagh, Vikaspuri among others.


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