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SEO in Bangalore


For long term organic growth, SEO is the best investment. It helps you get discovered, build awareness and help you grow your business. If you are on the top 3 of Google search results for your business keyword, you can grow your website visitors by 60%.

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PPC Campaign in Bangalore


Pay per click advertising is the quickest way to generate sales online. If you are looking to generate leads or selling products on your platform, driving interested customers to your website is the key. PPC help you get targeted “in the market” visitors.

Social Media in Bangalore

Social Media

The world has progressed far beyond having a presence on social media channels. It is about how do you break through the noise? How do you create an impact? What is the value you are adding and to whom? It is about understanding which channels make sense for your business. These are the inputs that our social media experts bring to your business.

Content Marketing in Bangalore

Content Marketing

From understanding your business value proposition, competitive advantage, TG and market analysis to customer segmentation, our experts work with you to define content strategy that can help generate sales.

Web Development  Service in Bangalore

Web Development

We have expertise in developing fast loading websites across multiple platforms with a deep understanding of SEO and website architecture.

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Online Media Buy Service in Bangalore

Online Media Buy

Our team of digital experts research the right media channels where your potential customers hang out. We develop creative content and place your ads on these channels to help you get visibility.

Online Reputation Management in Bangalore

Online Reputation Management

In today’s world, it is important to have a dialogue with your customers. You need to understand the channels where they hang out, what they are saying about you and you have to present to have a conversation with them and address their concerns if any. With our ORM services, we are always on the lookout for what people are saying about you and proactively address them.

Video Production Service in Bangalore

Video Production

We have conceptualised, scripted, produced and directed videos for customers across multiple industries that have generated sales. Some of our videos have won awards in international forums.

UI/UX Service in Bangalore


We help you understand how your customers interact with your platform/website and how they navigate through to the end goal. A good UI/UX can transform conversion rates on your website, reduce bounce rates and increase sales.

Logo Design Service in Bangalore

Logo Design

Do you wish to create a brand identity? It helps you stand out from the crowd. We help you create your visual identity through Logo Design and Collaterals.

Leading Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore

Welcome to Rank Higher, the Leading Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore

Have you harnessed the power of digital marketing to grow your business? If yes, congratulations. If you have a presence, but not sure whether it is generating enough business, or you are just starting out, then you have come to the right place.

At RankHigher™ we help you define, execute and measure impactful digital marketing campaigns that help in brand discovery, engagement and business growth that can be quantified, so that you are able to measure the success of your marketing spend.

We are a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore having established over 8 years and helped businesses across various stages of their life cycle and industries generate substantial ROI on their digital marketing strategies.

Why should you adopt digital presence and marketing for your company?

The pandemic has forced the world to adopt digital in a massive way. We have seen how companies adopted digital methods to engage with their customers and employees. Hybrid work has become the norm. We have seen huge adoption of mobile apps for daily usage. Physical stores have taken a huge hit in terms of footfalls. While we yearn to go back to the physical world, the digital world is here to stay. 

Brands are increasingly becoming “phygital”, a word play on physical and digital. Brands like Amazon have shown how to scale a global business without having any physical presence. The bumper IPO of home grown brands like Nykaa has shown how to create a phygital brand with extensive use of online influencers and ecommerce.

Indian consumers are increasingly adopting smartphones and with data becoming increasingly cheaper, the next wave digital boom is on the horizon where we will see Tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India driving the majority of sales.

With AI and Big Data, brands are able to understand customers better and are able to offer targeted offerings and products based on customer profile, spending habits and their demography. 

With such a tremendous shift in the business landscape, the question is not whether you should adopt digital. The question should be how? Let RankhigherTM, Bangalore’s leading digital marketing agency show you.

Some of our work highlights

  • We helped grow India’s largest hospital chain grow their revenue through online channels by 5X
  • We helped establish digital presence of the World’s largest Water and Waste Management Company in India
  • Mentored and developed SEO strategy for India’s largest Home Services Company when it was in its nascency.
  • We have increased admissions to Bangalore’s largest CBSE school franchise by over 10X
  • Enabled a fintech P2P startup to generate substantial sales leading to a $1M VC funding.
  • Bangalore’s leading Cosmetic Clinic Chain increased social media following and brand awareness through our viral campaigns
  • We helped Qatar’s leading Systems Integrator Company to develop brand visibility and increase sales.
  • Helped one of Kolkata’s largest Interior Design Company with effective SEO, social media and technology to transition the business process.

Our Work Process

  • Our delivery head meets with you to discuss your business objectives, market and customer segment
  • We work out a plan to meet your desired objectives based on your budget
  • Based on your desired goal, we develop Landing pages, make website changes, create ads so that you understand how we are approaching the problem
  • We start small and measure the impact of our campaigns
  • We study analytics to understand user behavior
  • Based on the impact, we gradually scale the campaigns and continually measure ROI and tweak wherever necessary

If you are looking to engage a digital marketing partner to help you navigate the digital world successfully, please get in touch.

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