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Economy (Local Businesses)


Standard SEO Package

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Initial Review & Analysis / Website Audit
Search Engine Friendly Analysis
Website Content Review
Competitor Analysis 1 3 5
Domain Strength & Backlinks Review
Current organic Traffic review and Rankcheck
SEO Action Plan
Broken Link Check
Website Navigation Analysis
On-page Optimization
Keyword Research & Analysis
URLs Review & Analysis
URL Rewriting ( If needed)
Canonicalization Review (Missing/Multiple/Non-indexable)
404 & Server Error Fixing
Robots & X-Robots Tag Review
Custom 404 Error Page Setup
Meta Tags Optimization 10 Pages 15 Pages 20 Pages
Alt Tag Optimization (Missing/Multiple/Non-indexable) 10 Pages 15 Pages 20 Pages
Anchor Text Optimization
Keyword Density & Prominence Check
New Page Creation (If Required)
H Tags Review & Optimization
XML Sitemap Creation / Review
Schema Markup Local Business Organization & Reviews Upto 5 Schemas All Possible Schemas
Google Analytic Review / Configuration
Search Console (Google/Bing) Configuration
Google Analytic Advanced Configurations
AMP Pages Review
Local Business Optimization
Google MyBusiness Setup Upto 1 Upto 3
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia additions
Business Listing Optimization Upto 1 Upto 3
Bing Local Listing Setup Upto 1 Upto 3
Google MyBusiness Product Feed Upto 5 Products Upto 10 Products
Content Marketing
Blog Writing
Article Writing
Press Release
Voice Search Optimization
Identify keywords for voice search optimization
Brand realted queries identification
Voice Search Optimization
Content optimization for voice
Google Lens - Image Optimization
Schema Markup Implementation
Identify keywords for image optimization
Product realted queries identification
Image search optimization
Schema Markup Implementation
Performance Optimization
Load Time Optimization
Search Engine Crawlability Issues
Crawl Budget Management
Featured Snippets Optimization
Passage Snippet
List Snippets
Table Snippets
Paragraph Snippets
Video Snippets
Optimization For Google Discover
Identify Keywords for Optimization
Analyze & Identify content topics
Create conent as per Discover's Content Policy
Optimize for E-A-T
Youtube & Video Optimization
YouTube Keyword Research
Existing Video Optimization
New Video Creation Recomendations
YouTube Video Tag Optimization
Off-Page Optimization and Link Building
Web 2.0 Submissions 1 10 20
Social Bookmarking
Classifieds Submissions
Image submissions
Article Submission
Video Submissions
Press Release Submission
Profile Listing
Q & A
PDF / Doc Submission
Guest Blogging**
Ranking Report (WoW Comparison)
SEO Activities Report - Monthly
Google My Business ( GMB ) Insights Report
Google Analytics Report - Monthly
Google Search Console Report - Monthly
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Monthly SEO Packages India

Investing in SEO is a sustainable business, as well as an essential one! For any business, the mere fact of having launched an online site and having taken care of its design and architecture is no guarantee of a good ranking in Google search results. Without advertising, social media marketing, and SEO, the visibility and authority of the website will be lost.

Investing in SEO is a sustainable business, as well as an essential one! For any business, the mere fact of having launched an online site and having taken care of its design and architecture is no guarantee of a good ranking in Google search results. Without advertising, social media marketing, and SEO, the visibility and authority of the website will be lost. 

There are various ways in which SEO costs can be determined, but ultimately it depends on your needs and budget constraints. As multifarious factors come into play when setting SEO rates, RankHigher offers multiple SEO Packages that can be customised according to the number and type of services needed for you to compete in the market, also how much you are willing to spend and what your expectations are. Our SEO specialists focus on a number of targeted measures, to rank your site high in search results, which includes not only content and design, but also SEO copywriting, marketing campaigns, off-page SEO, and social media presence.

Local SEO

Local presence is a powerful growth lever for companies. Indeed, a mobile user searching for a restaurant or saloon, for example, wants to obtain suggestions close to his home or the place he is looking for, and not at the other end of the world. So, developing a local SEO strategy is a great opportunity to develop your geographical positioning on search engines. Local SEO is the best way to increase your visibility if the customers you are targeting are located in your city or in your region. 


Whether you offer products or services, it is in your interest to develop your local SEO. As search queries are becoming increasingly targeted, it is in the best interest of businesses and tradespeople to improve their local ranking on Search Engines. Exploiting this marketing method strengthens the online presence in the local community. The real value of local SEO lies in the visibility and relevance of the target audience. The geographic focus of local SEO makes you more visible in the places your consumers are already looking.


RankHigher has a team of experienced local SEO specialists and strategists who work together to exploit all the opportunities for your website to succeed. To gain visibility through local SEO, our experts develop a geo-localized SEO strategy that will allow you to improve your positioning on Google on local searches. Moreover, our experts in local referencing can accompany you with a web visibility plan according to your objectives and budgets.

How does RankHigher optimise your local SEO?

The development of a local SEO strategy is carried out in several stages. Even before taking the brief that will allow us to build your local presence on the Internet, we make a point of getting to know you, to better understand your activity, your goals, and objectives for visibility on the web. This first phase allows us to understand your market and your business objectives and it is followed by

Taking a local SEO brief

Our SEO team will discuss your objectives and your location with you in order to determine the most effective local SEO strategy possible.

Analysis of your market

Our SEO experts will study and analyse your industry and your geolocation so that you can stand out from your competitors.

Implementation support

Our SEO consultants will present you with the local SEO strategies and the actions to be taken. 

Our Local SEO optimisation can take several forms:

  • Development of a website with an optimised local referencing strategy.
  • Development and optimisation of Google My Business.
  • Development of visibility in local directories.
  • And so on.

Ecommerce SEO 

Not everyone recognises the importance of optimising their e-commerce for Google and other search engines. The point is precisely this: opening an e-commerce site is not enough to achieve excellent commercial results. It doesn't matter how beautiful the shop looks. Designing an online shop is useless if your potential customers cannot find your products when they search for items similar to yours. In a market like e-commerce, where rivalry is increasing, investing in SEO is an absolute necessity if you want to keep up your business.


Search engine rankings have become a very important part of the buying decision and that's why we, at RankHigher, advise our clients to invest in SEO for their best e-commerce growth. Rankhigher has a team of digital marketing experts who are dedicated specifically to e-commerce website SEO. We create custom digital strategies for e-commerce shops, including SEO and pay-per-click services. Our e-commerce SEO services include: keyword audit, research of your target audience, competitor analysis, link building (Off-Page SEO), a customised SEO strategy, recommendations, and monthly activity reports.


Let's see what our Ecommerce SEO packages guarantee:

Increased visibility: Raise the visibility of your site, which translates into more clicks, visitors, and potential customers (conversion rate).

Building brand value: If you are among the top results in search engines, users will recognise you as an authoritative brand in your reference sector.

Cost savings: SEO, unlike banner advertising, allows you to maintain the results you have achieved over time. You won't have to invest a huge sum of money every month to make headlines.

Lasting effects: Investing in our Ecommerce SEO package and relying on our professionals will bring you positive and visible results in the long term.

How do we help you with SEO for your e-commerce?

The strategy we use varies from case to case. Often, after a careful assessment of the market and competitors, we advise optimising the on-page and off-page SEO strategy, in order to easily reach a targeted audience that is highly interested in your products or services offered on the site.


Optimisation is a one-time investment that produces tangible results in the long term. We know how important it is for a client to rely on serious consultants and experts in the field. Thanks to our targeted strategy, your e-commerce will have an optimal positioning on search engines and, while we will try to increase the number of customers, you will already be there to count the new sales capacity of your e-commerce.


Geo-Targeted SEO

Is your turnover based on regional customers? Does your company operate and travel in a precisely defined catchment area? Then don't overlook Geo-Targeted SEO. Geo-targeted SEO, in the simplest terms, is the process of understanding the geography of your users and delivering content or ads to them based on that. As a subset of targeting, geo-targeting comprises various technologies used in online marketing to geographically locate customer groups. When you have multiple locations, you want to have a strategy in place so that search engines like Google can distinguish between the different locations and give the searcher the right one. 


The aim is to provide web users with web content tailored precisely to the region in which they live. This can be language versions of a website or advertisements with a regional reference. Location qualifiers are the city, state, postcode, or service area. If you don't currently have a Geo-targeted SEO strategy in place, we strongly recommend that you invest in it.


How can RankHigher help you with Geo-targeted SEO?

We, at RankHigher, approach Geo-targeted SEO the same way we approach SEO, by making data-driven decisions to turn your website and its ranking into your strongest marketing asset. By assessing the state of your current SEO and then creating a plan of action, our SEO specialists can take your website ranking to another level. 


Our SEO specialists will customise the content, both on and off the page of your website, to attract specific audiences close to your business. Each customised piece of content will subsequently generate more business leads, referrals and improve your bottom line.


Identifying relevant keywords in relation to your sector of activity and your location, optimising your Google My Business page, navigation on mobile phones, and the advent of voice search are some of the levers we use to boost your Geo-targeted SEO. Identifying what works and what doesn't is imperative to building an effective and functional Geo-targeted SEO campaign. This is how we target more people and have a better reach for your business.


Global SEO

Today, wanting to develop sales outside the borders implies for a company to be visible from search engines abroad. To do this, developing a global SEO strategy is an excellent idea. It brings together all the SEO techniques aimed at improving a website's organic traffic from several countries. In other words, it means optimising your website sufficiently for search engines to offer it as a search result to users located in other countries or speaking foreign languages.  


An SEO activity aimed at the international positioning of a website presupposes an in-depth knowledge of the foreign market on which one wants to interact, an accurate study of the search terms most used in the country of interest, and above all on the functioning of the search engine algorithms that dominate the scene in the specific country. Positioning your website abroad and making it appear among the first results of a keyword search is not a linear and chronological process, but rather the result of the combined action of many different elements.


Are you ready for a global SEO strategy?

Has your business grown to the point where you are starting to provide services abroad? You may have started creating multilingual versions of your website, which is a daunting task when planning a global SEO campaign, but not so daunting if you have our SEO team with you. If your interest is clearly in talking to new countries through the Internet, then our team will be responsible for 


  • Targeting Keywords between regions

  • Focusing on original and quality content in all countries

  • Optimising content and website for mobile devices

  • Implementing CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) strategies to acquire and convert good customers 

  • Monitoring and measuring the results

  • And various other global SEO goals

When combined with our online reputation management strategies, we also help manage your company's international reputation for a successful outcome.


The features presented above are only some of the main ones to put into practice for a good global SEO strategy, the implementation of which requires further and more specific insights. By applying the right global SEO strategies, i.e. a mix of selecting the most suitable search engines, localising the content, and choosing keywords according to local usage, we help make your website more interesting and influential for searches targeting that geographical area and reach the top of international success. Planning, transparency, and know-how are our key elements that make the optimisation work on your website successful!