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Influencers with Followers Influencers with <50 K Followers Influencers with 50 K - 100 K Followers Influencers with > 100 K Followers Based on requirement
Instagram Posts ?1,75,000 / $2,350 ??2,00,000? / $2,650 ?2,25,000? / $3,000
Instagram Posts + Blog ?2,25,000? / $3,000 ??2,65,000? / $3,500 ?3,00,000? / $4,000
Social Media Posts + Blog ??2,65,000? / $3,500 ?3,00,000? / $4,000 ??3,40,000? / $4,500
Social Media Posts + Tweets + Blog + Video Content ?3,00,000? / $4,000 ??3,40,000? / $4,500 ?3,75,000? / $5,000
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Identifying Influencers
Campaign Planning & Execution through influencers
Campaign Monitoring
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Influencer Marketing Packages

Whether you are an established brand, a small brand looking to grow, or a start-up, competing for users' attention in a saturated market can be challenging. Many businesses are looking for a new approach to differentiate their brand from the competition. This miraculous strategy has come in the form of influencer marketing campaigns: a digital strategy that engages influencers to increase your brand's visibility and brand awareness, and break-through to your audience.

While following the rise of social networks and creative platforms, influencers have strongly gained in importance, as much by their number as by their impact on consumption patterns, both for information and for products. Thanks to their media reach and their influence on the act of purchase, they are gradually becoming partners for brands. In this sense, it is fair to say that influencer marketing is and will continue to be an essential lever of a successful marketing strategy. With its rapid evolution, it is essential to keep abreast of the latest dynamics in order to exploit all the opportunities it presents. As a digital marketing company, RankHigher can help you exploit those tremendous opportunities. Our team is made up of experts, who know the ins and outs of influencer marketing and are able to help you set up your influencer strategy by deeply analysing the social networks and defining your expectations.


Facebook - Influencer Campaigns


Facebook needs no introduction! With billions of active users, it is one of the leading social networks and also a powerful marketing and communication tool that companies need to use to make themselves known and prosper. When it comes to influencer campaigns on Facebook, we attach particular importance to the business aspect of it, since influencer marketing is not just a fad. We also use our expertise in this social network to devise and build an influencer strategy that helps boost your credibility and profitability.


How do we create Facebook - influencer campaigns?


To create an influencer campaign on Facebook, we create a well-defined influencer marketing strategy, starting with objectives, KPIs, and timelines.


At RankHigher, our Facebook influencer marketing campaigns have three main things, which are put in place at the beginning of the campaign: 


  • A clearly identified target audience

  • A well-defined budget

  • Clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Since the influencer we select will be the public face of your brand on Facebook, before engaging with an influencer, we do a thorough research of their profile and check that they have a good reputation online and also traditional media if possible.


How do we support you?


Our promise is to accompany you from A to Z of your influencer strategy. Our know-how as a social media agency complements this. You can of course call on us for very specific needs related to influencers, but we are also able to create an influencer system from scratch for your company.


Our steps to ensure your Facebook influencer marketing campaigns are successful:

  • Defining your goals

  • Selecting influencers

  • Setting the budget

  • Defining guidelines for influencers

  • Launching the campaign

  • Engaging and rewarding

  • Measuring and analysing

  • Leveraging social data


We will also review with you the key figures of your Facebook influencer campaign, your successes, and the points of improvement for the future.


Instagram - Influencer Campaigns


Instagram – It is the platform that has established itself as the main place dedicated to influencer marketing. It's hard to design an influencer marketing campaign without considering Instagram, especially in consumer sectors.


Working with influencers can be very interesting for your brand, provided you choose them well and design your strategy correctly. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of social networks and the digital world, our experts at RankHigher can help you create a solid Instagram influencer campaign by executing the following


  • Identifying your target audience

  • Choosing and connecting with suitable influencers for your brand

  • Evaluating the influencer's marketing efforts for your brand

  • Managing Strategies


To define your influencer marketing strategy on Instagram, we understand your target audience, determining their interests, the type of content they are interested in, the brands they already interact with, as well as their age, gender, and location. 


Once the target audience has been identified, the objectives of the campaign are defined. This could be to increase brand awareness, increase sales, collect email addresses or simply increase the followers on Instagram. We also focus on identifying influencers with a community similar to the identified target.


How do we identify the influencers to engage?


This brings us to one of the most crucial parts of the Instagram influencer campaign: choosing which influencers to involve. This is a crucial step since the right person in the right place is not a plus, but an essential requirement. Where to start? We start always and only from the objectives. And it is on these that we can understand the characteristics we will need to look for: some projects will need authority and a strong dose of competency, others creative skills, and still others a large audience to communicate to. This is certainly not an easy task, but our experts do very precise searches and identify the best possible influencers who can be the best possible match for your brand. 


From there, all we do is define your strategy and create an effective content plan, regularly interact with the influencer to create and publish the content. Finally, we analyse the impact of your marketing campaign by utilising the advantage of performance measurements since it is possible to provide campaign metrics. 


Twitter - Influencer Campaigns


Twitter - this famous microblogging platform is also recognised as a fully-fledged influencer network. Since it is based on short, text-based posts, it has a very different culture and atmosphere to other networks. It places more emphasis on interactive communication than other platforms, so to succeed on Twitter it's good to engage in conversations using influencer marketing.


Our steps for Twitter – Influencer campaigns:


  1. Defining your Expectations

The possibilities of working with influencers are endless. That's why it's crucial to develop a clear communication plan. Here are the important elements we work on:


Your objectives: to increase traffic to your page; to stimulate sales of a particular product or service; to acquire new customers; to boost your visibility and reputation; to build loyalty among your existing customers; etc. Whatever your intention, we identify it in the very first place. 


Your budget: Like other methods, influencer marketing allows you to move forward gradually and experiment, without it costing you a fortune. We start "small" and adapt your budget as we go along.


  1. Identifying the "RIGHT" influencer

This is one of the keys to a successful Twitter Influencer campaign: finding the right person! We identify the influencers who could be of interest to your brand according to various criteria: your market, your positioning, the target segment you wish to reach, the image you wish to project, etc. Once the influencer is identified, our experts plan clear strategies, including how to produce quality content and leaving nothing to chance: use the right hashtags, the right text to send the right messages, etc.


Content: As far as content is concerned, we focus on varied and clever tweets: followers should always find it interesting. By collaborating with the influencers, our experts make sure that we reach your target group with informative tweets, news about your industry, recent company information, press releases, technical topics or refer to studies in your sector. Polls on topical issues are also popular with users.


With influencers, our social media advertising consultants set up and run sponsored link campaigns. The strategy adopted is thought out beforehand according to the objective you wish to give to the campaign.


       3. Measuring the results

The success of the campaign obviously depends on the objectives set, provided we can analyse relevant indicators. Which ones?


Visibility: several KPIs can help us know the reach of your campaign: the number of impressions, i.e. views of the post; the size of the community; the reach or the potential number of people reached; etc.


Engagement: This is probably one of the most important parameters, as it measures the "interest" of the content. It is defined by the actual interactions of followers: the number of clicks, comments, shares, likes, mentions, hashtags, etc. It is a key data to know if we are on the right track.


Business performance: After all, that's what the campaign is all about. That's why it's crucial to exploit data related to traffic generated, leads (potential customers), conversion rate (those who have become real customers), and also (and above all) the impact on sales.