4 Tips To Use Facebook Effectively To Build Your Brand

4 Tips To Use Facebook Effectively To Build Your Brand

Social networking is a powerful way to reach your target audience and build your personal brand tool. There are a variety of social networks that can be used with a marketing strategy to build personal brand not just for large companies, but also for people who want to promote their own brand. One of the best business options right now is Facebook. Due to its immense popularity, Facebook is the ideal medium for connecting with people you have not met personally and also a medium that can help you to create your personal brand. Here are 4 Tips to use Facebook effectively to build your brand.

Tip 1: Know your Audience

You have to know who your target audience is. Facebook is continuously changing and is more than just another communication platform. Facebook advertising services give you the ability to segment and target your posts by interests and tastes. Facebook Ads are a great opportunity to gain exposure and associate it with the interests of your target audience by linking your image to large companies. If you have a personal blog, you can use Facebook to promote your blog posts and get more visitors.

Tip 2: Design your personal brand strategy

You must have a previously designed plan with the goals you want to achieve and how you will do it. Managing your profile well is of utmost importance. Post all your authentic information to build confidence in customers. Upload pictures that ensure appropriateness, and keep in mind that your company’s image is central to its branding project. Create groups of friends so that you are able to select levels of privacy that fit your requirements. Go through all the rules which are provided by Facebook especially to business accounts. Make sure you utilize certain specific applications such as Facebook insights that are aimed at business owners looking to communicate better with followers on Facebook.

Tip 3: Do not talk about yourself all the time

This is one of the most common mistakes when you decide to start creating your personal brand. The posts must provide value to your audience, but other promotional strategies must also be incorporated. It is often suggested that you use the ‘80-20 rule’ - 80% of the posts have to add value while 20% can be promotional. Interact with your online community. It is one of the best ways to grow your followers on Facebook. If you have a professional Facebook page, you must respond to questions and comments posted on your profile. This way you get to build a reference image in your industry and provide solutions by responding to your followers.

Tip 4: Advertise on Facebook

Another interesting resource is Facebook Ads , which is the online advertising platform of Facebook, where you have two types of commodities - one's the traditional listing and the other is sponsored story. They both ensure great visibility to your own fan page or to an external website, and tend to be able to attract more fans or refer to a landing page you have developed. Advertising on Facebook is fairly inexpensive, and has an exceptional capacity for good segmentation. You can target audience by geographic location, socioeconomic status, gender, areas of interest etc. You can also segment by ‘Friends of your fans’.

Facebook is a great tool for building your personal brand. Once you learn how to get the most out of Facebook and company profiles you will be on your way towards professional success.