SEO Case Studies

From 0 to 20,000 Visitors per Month in 8 Months

Startups present a very interesting challenge when it comes to SEO.Google rewards websites which have the following: A Good Domain Authority, A good backlink profile ,Proper Performance and On-Page Optimisation.And as a result it is an uphill battle for a new website to compete with older and more authoritative websites of established brands.

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How a local House Cleaning Company outdid its competition, acquired new customers and increased revenues.

ABC has been in the business of Home Cleaning for nearly 4 years. ABC has been featured in media and has built a brand in its niche. However, in the last 2 years, there has been an increase in competition for ABC with several competitors coming up and getting a share of the pie. With an already small market, having 4 competitors have resulted in reduced market size for ABC.

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SEO Case Study 2014 – How a low cost computer retailer increased its leads by 1500% in 4 months?

Have you been experiencing a situation in your business, where you feel you are doing everything right, but its just not bringing in the leads? if you have, you are not the only one. There are others too who have been under similar situation.The CLIENT is one of the pioneers of Refurbished Computers in Bangalore, India. The company is trying to bridge the digital divide by bringing affordable low cost computers and laptops to students, small businesses and NGOs.

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SEO Case Study Catapooolt – Increase visitors by 3.5X

This case study shows how a famous crowdfunding platform in India increased its website traffic by 270% in just 2 months using SEO

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SEO Case Study 365 Shared Space

We helped grow website visitors by 4X and helped the client rank in top positions for most important keywords.

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