Have you been experiencing a situation in your business, where you feel you are doing everything right, but its just not bringing in the leads? if you have, you are not the only one. There are others too who have been under similar situation.

The CLIENT is one of the pioneers of Refurbished Computers in Bangalore, India. The company is trying to bridge the digital divide by bringing affordable low cost computers and laptops to students, small businesses and NGOs.

CLIENT sells its computers through its 2 retail outlets in Bangalore. They did not have an online presence apart from a website and a Facebook page. It had some Press Releases which helped them garner visibility. However, the website was getting only around 100 new visitors/month.

They wanted to increase their website traction which will help generate more leads and enquiries for their business.


When started working on the problem – “to increase website visitors to CLIENT”, they broke it down into smaller chunks:

Thorough keyword research to find all keywords related to buying second hand computers, affordable and refurbished computers in Bangalore. Understanding the issues with the current website – On page and Off Page Understand the current content strategy for the website and what needs to be improved

When researched and analysed these problems, they were able to map out the problems that existed in all the three areas listed above.

The client was not ranking in the first page for any one of the search terms related to its area of business. Research revealed that over 5200 searches happen on per month for products similar to what CLIENT was offering. And their organic monthly visit was only 100.

Approach Undertaken: developed a 3 month SEO strategy based on the following:
1. A local Google Business Listing was created.
2. Optimised website’s performance and website structure.
3. A proper content and backlinking strategy was put in place.
4. To identify the top keywords with lesser competition for CLIENT.


When started to work on CLIENT’s website initially, these were the data in month, New Users: 80. Contact us form filled: 34


The results for month 4 went out of the roof! From 80 visitors at the start of the project to 1529 visitors at present. A jump of 19X in new visitors. Contact Us form filled: 547. A jump of 16X in lead generation. Ranking

CLIENT is ranking in top 10 for a globally competitive keyword “Second Hand Laptops” in (Global) search rankings.


“I met Raunak (RankHigher team) at a start-up meet. We got talking about SEO and SEM and he made some very valid recommendations. We decided to give them a shot at optimizing our website… and we are extremely glad that we got RankHigher to work on our website. Our search traffic has increased almost 10x within the first 2-3 months and we are on the first page for many of our keywords. We are also the top listing for a few of the keywords. I have recommended their services strongly to fellow entrepreneurs who have also started using their services. We have already started working with RankHigher for our next project. We wouldn’t think of working with anyone else for our search and online related requirements.” – Mukund B.S, Founder

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