Catapooolt is an India based Crowdfunding platform helping projects raise funds through a hybrid model.


Catapooolt wanted to increase its organic visitors from Google which will help bring targeted people to their website. This will result in more project owners signing up with Catapooolt and more retail investors backing projects.


1. Understood the target market for crowdfunding in India.
2. Created a plan to target related search terms in India
3. Migrated the blog from an external site to a subdomain
4. Implemented an SEO strategy to target all relevant keywords


1. Traffic from Google has gone up by 3.5X
2. Catapooolt features in top 5 for most of the target keywords in India
3. For some of the highest searched keywords, Catapooolt features in top 2
4. The number of clicks to the website has gone up by 77%
4.a. Number of visitors to website grown by 231.93 %
4.b. Number of new visitors to website grown by 269.65%

**Stats from Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2014

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