From 0 to 20,000 Visitors per Month in 8 Months

From 0 to 20,000 Visitors per Month in 8 Months
Startups present a very interesting challenge when it comes to SEO. Google rewards websites which have the following:

1. A Good Domain Authority
2. A good backlink profile
3. Proper Performance and On-Page Optimisation.

However, with a fresh website (in the case of a startup), it has none of these attributes. And as a result it is an uphill battle for a new website to compete with older and more authoritative websites of established brands.

Problem is a personal finance online platform. They provide personal loan through their network of banks and independent lenders. They want to have a pan India presence. However, as they are a fresh website, and do not have the luxury of a big budget, they had to do it using organic channels. Also, the website is competing with banks. Banks, by default have a lot of domain authority and hence defeating them at their own game is very challenging.


Doing effective SEO for a new website isn’t easy. Especially when a business depends on how quick organic results start delivering. We discussed with the client and analysed the requirements. Here

1. Analysed the complete industry and the competitors
2. Researched how users look for personal loan in India
3. Performed a thorough keyword research that caters to all possible search queries
4. Created an in-depth Information Architecture that incorporates all search patterns, information flow, interlinking between pages as well as how the homepage is connected to the leaf page
5. Worked with the client to help them develop the website as per Step 4
6. Created On-Page Meta tags for all pages. Defined patterns for meta tags that can be replicated across all pages
7. Worked with the client to define unique and relevant content across all pages


Abc was able to climb up the search rankings fairly quickly for a lot of keywords. We did not limit the engagement with only selected number of keywords. Rather, as the focus was on increasing relevant traffic, we did a complete optimisation, that encompassed all possible search queries relevant for the business. Because of this in-depth approach, Abc started receiving lots of website hits within 2 weeks of going live.


By the end of month 8, Abc is getting more than 20,000 visitors a month. When we started the engagement, it was a new platform with 0 relevant visitors. And the visitor count is increasing every week. It is on #1 for a lot of keywords which are directly relevant to its business. For some of the most competitive keywords, it has already come to page 1 or on page 2 and the rankings continue to climb.

Our Take

We believe the art and science of SEO lies in analysing the client’s business and industry completely.Had we stuck to working on only limited no. of keywords for Abc, it would have never benefitted the client. Besides, if we had only selected the most searched keywords, we would still be struggling, because they are competitive and it would have taken a lot of time and effort for Abc to come to page 1 for those keywords. A good SEO team should understand how to beat bigger players. The art is to understand the gaps and going broad.

If you are looking to get visitors across pan India, do let us know. We believe we have the skills and the knowhow to help you.

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