Build Website for Your Audience – Not Google

Recently, I was invited for a session, to teach startups on SEO strategies. I believe that any SEO strategy is effective only as long as the business is willing to invest time to create a strategy that is in line with the business goals and objectives.

I had been writing often about treating SEO as an extension of your overall marketing strategy.  Unfortunately I see too many businesses treating SEO like a quick gimmick to enhance sales.  And this a fundamental flaw to your success.

SEO is not an overnight “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It is not a strategy to find loopholes in Google’s algorithm and exploit them. The objective is never about ranking.

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Demystifying SEO – Getting the Fundamentals Right

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10 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Must Know

There are over 200 factors that Google takes into account during ranking. These factors have different weightage in Google’s algorithm. As such, a good search engine optimised website cannot depend on one particular ranking factor. However, for simplicity and better understanding of business owners, we have highlighted the 10 mportant ranking factors (not in any order), which if implemented properly can help in giving the much required SEO boost to your website.

We have implemented these 10 factors on most of our projects and they have yielded great results.

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How soon can I get on first page of Google?

When businesses approach us for getting their website search engine optimised, we get this question almost every time – How long will it take for my website to come to page 1 of Google?

Some even ask for guarantees – “Give me a written guarantee that my website will be in top 4 in 4 months”. A lot of them ask us this question even before giving basic information about website, niche, geography and competition.

In short, it is impossible to answer “how soon can a website get on first page of Google”

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How to Recover From Google Penalties

Getting hit by a Google penalty seems to be the worst nightmare of any website owner. All your dreams of building a business seems to crash and burn the moment the penalty hits you. And reports from other webmasters who have hit by penalty previously will tell you, that it could takes months to get back up.

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Top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes for Every Business

A comScore report stated that 19 billion searches happened in the US alone in March 2014. Content Marketing has become a key component of SEO success. With valuable content and a perfectly optimised site, every brand is trying to attract more customers.

At RankHigher, we researched the top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes from SEO experts which sums up how SEO and Content Marketing should be used by brands to their advantage.

1. Any time you’re doing keyword research I now suggest that you just can’t rely on AdWords alone. It’s not good enough – Rand Fishkin, Moz 

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mod page speed – Website Performance Tool – Guide

As we define a set of rules to govern a Country or manage ourselves, google led down some rules to verify your website performance by a tool called Page Speed Insight. Generally people get confused with page speed insight and mod_page speed. Page speed insight gives us the suggestions to optimize the website but mod_page speed does it from the server side.

Concatenating and minifying files, optimizing images, setting up caching can lead to good website performance but this is a manual tedious process. Google recognized this problem and came up with a web server module that would take of a whole bunch of website performance optimization for you; thus mod_pagespeed was born.

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Website Performance Optimization Basics

Doing Technical and Blogging Technical are two sides of the same coin. Likewise website Performance Optimization and SEO are also the same. Google, “The God of Search Engine” writes the algorithm in such a way that both technical and non-technical aspects get their respective priorities. So the need is to keep your website performance’s basics right.

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Find Keywords Targeted by Your Competitors

When you are starting out your SEO strategy, keyword research can be a daunting task. Which keywords to target, how to shortlist those keywords, how to come up with keywords are some of the challenges every business faces.

One of the quickest way to start off keyword research right off the bat, is to spy on your competitors and find out the keywords your competitors are targeting. This simple strategy will help you get at least 80-100 keywords which you can use to generate more keywords for your business.

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Low Search Volume Keywords – Are They Any Good for SEO?

I came across this question on Quora, and felt this is an important question that merits some critical thinking and attention. In the race to attract more traffic to website, most website owners try to optimise for the most obvious and highly searched keyword. Because more search volume keyword will result in more traffic. Sounds obvious, right?

Unfortunately it is not that simple as we would like it to be. And this is the reason, in this post we will try to address the question, whether it makes sense to optimise your website for keywords which have very low search volume (read less than 100 per month).

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