How To Write a Blog Post – 7 Simple Steps


If you own a blog, then you need to ensure some of the best strategies are utilized well to bring the traffic and enhance the popularity. Most website owners struggle with “How to Write a Blog”. In fact, with some innovative and viable strategies you can boost the popularity of your blog in a single go. Now, among all these strategies, the most essential one is creating good content. So, you will have to ensure that the content published in your blog is perfect in language and grammar. Apart from this, also make sure that the content comes with a good and catchy title.

How to write a blog post- 7 Simple Steps to make it effective

Step 1: Have Concise yet meaningful content

While publishing content for your blog you have to make sure that content published is both concise and meaningful simultaneously. Try to add a concise and meaningful subject matter and back it up with an intriguing and informative subject line. Also ensure that you have followed the inverted pyramid structure to create viable and well created content.

Step 2: Use simple language for your Blog post

Readers tend to get vexed and baffled when they get to check too many difficult words all at once. So, while creating a good content make sure that you have used proper and absolutely simple language. Keep the grammar and syntax perfect and back up the content with smooth and easy flowing language.

Step: 3 Add a catchy title

When people read blogs, the first thing that they notice is the title. So, in order to create an intriguing and meaningful content you will also have to concentrate on the title of the blog. Make sure that the title is perfect in grammar and it also comes with a catchy tagline. In most cases try to begin your articles with a question like format. Try to address the requirements of the readers and make sure your blog answers all the questions your readers want to know.

Step 4: Create Engaging and intriguing content

Readers are more intrigued to read content which turn out to be engaging and interesting. Do not follow a formal style n your blogs. This will mar the charm of the content and will make it appear bland. Instead, try publishing content which are informal and engaging. The readers might get a feel that the content is written for the sole purpose to meet the reader’s requirement. In fact, due to this very reason, the content needs to be perfectly formulated.

Step 5: Ensure Proper proof reading and editing

Very often even after creating an engaging content, the content fails to have a lingering effect due to minor errors in syntax and grammar. In order to avoid these errors make sure that the content is perfectly proofread and edited right before getting it published in the blog.

Step 6: Do not write huge paragraphs for your blog post

Blogs are popular because of their eye catching and lingering content. So, before publishing the article in the blog make sure it does not have huge paragraphs. In fact, huge paragraphs overloaded with excess information tend to mar the charm and appeal of the content. Moreover, readers too tend to get baffled with huge paragraphs. So, try using short and concise paragraphs in your blog posts.

As an addendum, keep the article humorous. This will make intriguing and fun to read.

Step 7: Optimize for SEO

When publishing your blog, use a simple SEO strategy to optimize the content. Here is how you can do it: 1. Research a topic based on keyword searches through Google Keyword Planner Tool. Focus on keywords that have decent number of searches per month in the Geographic location you are targeting and has low competition 2. Write a blog post of at least 300 words. A decent ball park number is 600. Please make sure you use your chosen keyword around 3%-5% of the total words inside the blog post 3. Carefully write your Title Tag, Meta Description, H1 and H2 tags such that they all contain the keyword. 4. If you are using Wordpress for your blog, you can use Yoast SEO plugin to optimise your blog content.

Also, follow these viable guidelines to create engaging and well written content which will eventually hike up the popularity of your blog in the first few attempts!

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