Showcase Your Brand Through Social Media

Over the past few years, Social Media has changed the Internet, actually it has changed the whole world including the world of marketing. Well, you would’ve already known this but if you didn’t know, here’s a quick run through for you. Advertising your brand through different social media platforms helps you connect & engage with 100’s & thousands of active consumers on a daily basis, being the ultimate driver of leads & sales. Mobile users are already checking social media content multiple times a day with Facebook running the show.

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Google PPC for Startups – Does it make sense?

As a startup, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out the best and most effective ROI on the limited marketing budget.

One of the most natural and spontaneous responses that I have observed in startups is to first resort to unpaid channels such as social media to gain their initial set of customers. There’s nothing wrong with that however, most businesses would agree that trying to gain customers through these channels organically is not that easy or worth the time invested.

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