Showcase Your Brand Through Social Media

Over the past few years, Social Media has changed the Internet, actually it has changed the whole world including the world of marketing. Well, you would’ve already known this but if you didn’t know, here’s a quick run through for you. Advertising your brand through different social media platforms helps you connect & engage with 100’s & thousands of active consumers on a daily basis, being the ultimate driver of leads & sales. Mobile users are already checking social media content multiple times a day with Facebook running the show.

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How can you market your Real Estate Projects?

Real Estate in India; as hot as It was 2 years back, it has taken a huge dip. Real Estate Developers are sitting on unsold inventory resulting in losses worth 100s of Crores. Too many developers, too many projects and high cost of bank lending coupled with exorbitant prices have resulted in this stagnation.

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Should a Startup invest in Paid Ads or focus on Organic Growth?

Since we started RankHigher, we have interacted with loads of startups and entrepreneurs. Some of these entrepreneurs are at their initial stages, bootstrapped and looking to get more customers.

A lot of them have approached us for getting SEO done for their website. Because, it is a well-known fact that SEO is necessary for a business to be discovered by potential customers online.

However as I interacted more with startups, I figured out that there is a common problem between all of them. It is the lack of money as well as lack of time which plagues them. And every startup, in its initial days faces this challenge. Most of them are chasing investors to get their first round of funding. And they only have limited money in the bank to help them sail through till investor money comes in.

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What we learned from helping a client sell out its product within 1 month?

We have been working with an experiential travel company. The company organizes experience based travels/trips to various parts of the world.

Last month, they launched a new offering exclusive for women group travel. Group travelling is gradually gaining popularity and this seemed to be a nice time to create a travel product for this segment.

As the marketing partner of this company, our job was to ensure that we generate quality leads for our client for their Women group travel product.

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Real Estate Marketing Using Facebook

Given the recent property slump in India, marketing real estate projects is challenging; more so if you are looking to generate leads. In my earlier article, I had mentioned 5 rules for Real Estate Marketing. We explored how SEO is challenging for real estate and how new avenues like Facebook presents a better channel to generate leads for real estate projects.

We marketers have a bad name. We tend to ruin everything which works. There was a time, about 10 years ago, when Email marketing used to be a very successful medium to market your products and services. The email open rates and subsequent leads/sale ratio used to high. Then the marketers realized this and they started spamming everyone.

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Are You Doing These 8 Steps to Promote Your Business?

When you are launching a product or a service, you have got to figure out how to promote them effectively. You cannot build your product first and expect that your customers might come. It never happens that way. And even if they come, they will not come in numbers to justify the effort you put in the first place.

So, if you are launching your business, make sure you know how to hustle. A hustler is someone who is out there continuously building an awesome product/service, talking and networking with people and building a brand simultaneously.

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Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – Which one works best for you?

Google and Facebook are both dominant advertising channels and have tons of data about users and their online behavior. Most users are either searching for information on Google or are logged into Facebook catching up on latest feeds from their friends, brands and other topics of interest. If you are online, chances are you will be on using either of these 2, for a substantial period of time.

So naturally, for marketers this is the holy grail of marketing. Marketers follow you everywhere you go. After all, their job is to market their products or services to you, so wherever they get your attention span, they will be there.

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What we learnt from creating a Facebook post that received 2200 shares organically

Facebook is the Holy Grail for a lot of content marketers. No other platform can boast of the sheer volume of people who actively engage on the platform like Facebook can. With so many brands trying to compete for user’s attention on Facebook, it is but natural that things have become more challenging for brands. How can we engage our audience better? How can we get our posts read by many people?

At RankHigher, we have been working with few clients on their Facebook marketing strategies. Recently, one of the posts which we had created and had published for a client did extremely well. Imagine, for a one year old school in Bangalore, a post which gets over 2200 shares, all organically! And the post has reached nearly 200,000 people on Facebook! Isn’t that more than what a one year old brand can aspire for.

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Facebook Marketing Strategy – How to Approach It?

Facebook Marketing Strategy – How to approach it?

If there is one platform that a marketer should seriously consider, it should undoubtedly be Facebook. Especially for a B2C business, Facebook presents lot of opportunities to innovate, experiment and test a brand’s communication with its prospects. Obviously, if you are a startup, with no Facebook following, the effort you need to put in will be much more. But with careful mix of content targeted at the right audience, you are sure to attract eyeballs.

For a brand, the biggest challenge is to define a Facebook marketing strategy. How many posts should be going out? Is 1 per day alright? Or shall we start with 2 posts a week? What kind of posts shall we do? Shall we pay for Facebook ads?

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