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Top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes for Every Business

A comScore report stated that 19 billion searches happened in the US alone in March 2014. Content Marketing has become a key component of SEO success. With valuable content and a perfectly optimised site, every brand is trying to attract more customers.

At RankHigher, we researched the top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes from SEO experts which sums up how SEO and Content Marketing should be used by brands to their advantage.

1. Any time you’re doing keyword research I now suggest that you just can’t rely on AdWords alone. It’s not good enough – Rand Fishkin, Moz 

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Medium – The New Channel for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most effective methods for a business to establish itself as an authority in its space. It not only enhances trust and credibility but also helps in converting leads to customers. At Marketing Fundamentals, we have been a big proponent of content marketing and how it adds value to businesses. Great content engages your audience, and helps you connect with them better. Your audience already knows you before they even become your client.

 One of the biggest challenges businesses face today, is the ever growing noise of social media. Even if you have something valuable to say, how do you manage to reach your audience? How do you ensure that older businesses, who are early adopters of social media, are not getting all the visibility, even though they may be producing very low quality content?

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Guest Blogging – How to do it right?

Whenever Google comes up with algo updates, there is a huge speculation in the SEO community and a huge list of Do’s and Don’t come out.

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Relationship Marketing Using Social Media- Are you doing it right?

One of the biggest challenges for any new company is to “get the word out”. Unless people know that you exist and that you are great at what you do, it is very difficult for a company to get customers and survive. How are we ensuring that we are building relationship with our audience? Are we getting the word out properly? Or are we pushing it too far?

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Content Marketing Agency – How It Helps B2B Businesses Grow

If you haven’t figured out a content marketing agency that can help you market your business better, you are already losing a huge chunk of potential clients out there. Talking of coherence and convoluted strategies, content marketing for B2B is expectedly different from B2C models, and an agency that specializes in the job is always worth investing in. When it comes to B2B marketing, inbound techniques work wonders because you are not firing blindly to find customers, instead the interested prospects are aimed to be transformed into patrons.  Here’s a take on how your marketing agency can change things for you.

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10 Tips on Content Marketing Strategy for Professional Services

Do you have a content marketing plan yet? If not, it is high time that you do. As your prospects are getting much more savvy with the web world, it gives you a very important customer touch-point which you cannot afford to miss. Moreover, with the right content marketing strategy, you can expect to connect to several prospects at the same time without having to spend too much on exorbitant marketing costs. It is your chance to build a relationship with your prospects even before your sales strategy kicks in.  It is one thing to produce content, and it is another to market it effectively such that it reaches the right audience.

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Top 10 Ways Brands Can Create Viral Content the Buzzfeed Way

Buzzfeed has been recently in the news for raising $50 million in VC funding from Andreessen Horowitz. It attracts an average of 150 million users a month. So, I wanted to dig up some details about Buzzfeed and how brands have been using the platform for their content marketing strategies.

I did some research on companies such as Pepsi, McDonalds, JetBlue Airways, Toyota and Dell which have been using Buzzfeed. One would have identified Pepsi and McDonalds with creating engaging content. But what would be a company like Dell doing on Buzzfeed?

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Is Content Marketing Really Killing Quality? We don’t think so

I recently came across an article on The Guardian about how SEO experts are ruining the web by making commercial low quality content appear on top of Google search rankings, denying users the pleasure of enjoying good content. You can find the article here.

The article is based on the premise that “only” low quality “commercial” articles are ruling the web. The real “poets” are losing out in this battle as they are not using sophisticated SEO tactics.

The argument makes me feel that anything that is commercial is bad, anything that is competitive is bad.

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4 Tips To Use Facebook Effectively To Build Your Brand

Social networking is a powerful way to reach your target audience and build your personal brand tool. There are a variety of social networks that can be used with a marketing strategy to build personal brand not just for large companies, but also for people who want to promote their own brand. One of the best business options right now is Facebook. Due to its immense popularity, Facebook is the ideal medium for connecting with people you have not met personally and also a medium that can help you to create your personal brand. Here are 4 Tips to use Facebook effectively to build your brand.

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