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Why Use Instagram For Business?

You want your brand to have an online presence across social media platforms

then an Instagram account is a must.

Now you might be wondering how can a photo sharing application do any good for my business. Well did you know Instagram is one of the social media platforms where you can get the maximum amount of reach in the shortest period of time irrespective of what scale of business you own – Instagram gives you an option to grow your network & engagement through pictures/short videos (content) which resonate with your audience.

Like Facebook, Instagram is addictive, now don’t be under the impression that Instagram is only for the young & celebs & you don’t fit in etc etc, let’s agree to disagree here – The millennials are the maximum Instagram account holders but then wait again aren’t “millennials” the target audience for most of the businesses today.

How To Market On Instagram

Tip 1: Open an Instagram Account

Tip 2: Link your Insta account to your FB & twitter account (crossposting) – Helps you boost your marketing efforts

Tip 3: Create a  brand specific marketing strategy – Your content should be focused on your brand’s unique way of seeing the world.

Tip 4: Use Hashtags (#)  more than 11 hashtags per post which can be brand specific or generic which goes with your brand. When you’re running a campaign create a unique hashtag so your audience can latch onto the hashtag providing a wider reach for your campaign.

Hashtags are a major part of Instagram & it’s one of the ways your users can find you through their Instagram searches, unlike other platforms, there is no character limit. More the hashtags the more merrier – Using trending hashtags that fit with your brand allows your content to be viewed by thousands of viewers in a matter of minutes.

Tip 5: Be creative with your content (video/photos). You have to be cool & creative to stand out on Instagram. Eg: Feature fun videos/ photos of your employees, BTS look of your company.

Instagram has introduced Business accounts on Instagram with unique benefits

which allow you to engage with your audience

  1. You can add your contact & industry details to your profile making it simple for your customers to get in touch with you at ease.
  1. At Least one contact option should be included (email address, phone number or address) which will be the CTA for your profile.
  1. You can also add your brand website on the profile which is a clickable link, during an ongoing  campaign you can temporarily edit it with the campaign URL.
  1. You can link your brand Twitter & FB account so that photos you share can easily be cross-posted to your other social media accounts.
  1. Instagram Insights an analytic feature available only to business accounts provides actionable metrics which content resonates best with your audience based on your content analytics
  1. Insights also helps you tailor your profile & activity for optimum engagement based on the statistics of your audience (followers)


One of the main reasons brands are investing on Instagram advertising is because you can measure what happens after the click – you can track what they do next & if they end up making a purchase.

Showcase Your Brand Through Social Media


Over the past few years, Social Media has changed the Internet, actually it has changed the whole world including the world of marketing. Well, you would’ve already known this but if you didn’t know, here’s a quick run through for you. Advertising your brand through different social media platforms helps you connect & engage with 100’s & thousands of active consumers on a daily basis, being the ultimate driver of leads & sales. Mobile users are already checking social media content multiple times a day with Facebook running the show.

Let’s dig in deeper to get a better understanding – Before the advent of social media if a customer enjoyed your service/product they would probably go & tell 2 – 3 people about it – Word of Mouth works till date but at the pace of a snail. However, through the wonders of Social Media whenever a customer shares their positive experience on a platform like Facebook they are going to immediately be telling all of their friends – Now an average FB user has 200 friends. If you have 5 customers posting about their wonderful experience – You’re going to have an average of 1000 people knowing about the great service/product you provided. Now according to a recent study performed by Nielsen – 92% of people trust recommendations from family & friends, so you’re likely going to have more people use the wonderful service that you provided = Increase in Sales, Brand Awareness, Increase in Footfalls, most important – People start trusting your Brand. Now isn’t that awesome!

Social Media offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building & increasing sales. Social media services are used by most businesses today to reach out to their audience and promote products & services which can be used to build and strengthen brand image too.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world & in this country 1/4th of the population check FB the moment they wake up – 95% of the population of the FB users are millennials & they are your target audience.

Social Media is the new way of thinking & marketing – From boosting your sales to raising brand awareness. Doing Marketing through Social Media requires a lot of time, passion and expertise. With the power balance shifting to customers, brands have to play the game carefully. And this is where RankHigher comes in. We know the key to being successful online and help your business stand out.

What we learned from helping a client sell out its product within 1 month?

We have been working with an experiential travel company. The company organizes experience based travels/trips to various parts of the world.

Last month, they launched a new offering exclusive for women group travel. Group travelling is gradually gaining popularity and this seemed to be a nice time to create a travel product for this segment.

As the marketing partner of this company, our job was to ensure that we generate quality leads for our client for their Women group travel product.

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Are You Doing These 8 Steps to Promote Your Business?

When you are launching a product or a service, you have got to figure out how to promote them effectively. You cannot build your product first and expect that your customers might come. It never happens that way. And even if they come, they will not come in numbers to justify the effort you put in the first place.

So, if you are launching your business, make sure you know how to hustle. A hustler is someone who is out there continuously building an awesome product/service, talking and networking with people and building a brand simultaneously.

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Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – Which one works best for you?

Google and Facebook are both dominant advertising channels and have tons of data about users and their online behavior. Most users are either searching for information on Google or are logged into Facebook catching up on latest feeds from their friends, brands and other topics of interest. If you are online, chances are you will be on using either of these 2, for a substantial period of time.

So naturally, for marketers this is the holy grail of marketing. Marketers follow you everywhere you go. After all, their job is to market their products or services to you, so wherever they get your attention span, they will be there.

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Is Content Marketing Really Killing Quality? We don’t think so

I recently came across an article on The Guardian about how SEO experts are ruining the web by making commercial low quality content appear on top of Google search rankings, denying users the pleasure of enjoying good content. You can find the article here.

The article is based on the premise that “only” low quality “commercial” articles are ruling the web. The real “poets” are losing out in this battle as they are not using sophisticated SEO tactics.

The argument makes me feel that anything that is commercial is bad, anything that is competitive is bad.

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4 Tips To Use Facebook Effectively To Build Your Brand

Social networking is a powerful way to reach your target audience and build your personal brand tool. There are a variety of social networks that can be used with a marketing strategy to build personal brand not just for large companies, but also for people who want to promote their own brand. One of the best business options right now is Facebook. Due to its immense popularity, Facebook is the ideal medium for connecting with people you have not met personally and also a medium that can help you to create your personal brand. Here are 4 Tips to use Facebook effectively to build your brand.

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1 Thing Every Website Owner Should Do

Digital Marketing and SEO are overused terms in today’s world. Once SEO used to be the playground of certain secretive people, who did some tricks behind the scenes and your websites would rank on first page of Google. And then came some Google updates and all those rankings plummeted never to pick up again. And then came the world of Social Media, where everyone is a creator, a publisher and consumer. Where everyone can produce and market content which was once the prerogative of a privileged few media houses. And then came the problem of plenty!.

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Are You Tracking Website Visitors?

In the offline world, how do we measure whether our business is generating interest? When we get lot of visitors to our shops or we get phone calls from prospects inquiring about our business.

Tracking website visitors – A challenge

In the online world, website visitors are our currency. Often the success and failure of our online venture depends a lot on how many visitors are visiting our website everyday. It is analogous to how many people are coming to your shop.

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Top 10 Things that Make Your Tweet Shareable

What makes your content share-worthy? As business owners, marketers, agencies, we are all struggling to create content that gets “Viral”. We are all trying to get user’s limited attention span. We are all frantically looking out for magic pills that can immediately propel our content to success. We are all trying to get visitors to our websites which will probably lead to sales.

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