Showcase Your Brand Through Social Media


Over the past few years, Social Media has changed the Internet, actually it has changed the whole world including the world of marketing. Well, you would’ve already known this but if you didn’t know, here’s a quick run through for you. Advertising your brand through different social media platforms helps you connect & engage with 100’s & thousands of active consumers on a daily basis, being the ultimate driver of leads & sales. Mobile users are already checking social media content multiple times a day with Facebook running the show.

Let’s dig in deeper to get a better understanding – Before the advent of social media if a customer enjoyed your service/product they would probably go & tell 2 – 3 people about it – Word of Mouth works till date but at the pace of a snail. However, through the wonders of Social Media whenever a customer shares their positive experience on a platform like Facebook they are going to immediately be telling all of their friends – Now an average FB user has 200 friends. If you have 5 customers posting about their wonderful experience – You’re going to have an average of 1000 people knowing about the great service/product you provided. Now according to a recent study performed by Nielsen – 92% of people trust recommendations from family & friends, so you’re likely going to have more people use the wonderful service that you provided = Increase in Sales, Brand Awareness, Increase in Footfalls, most important – People start trusting your Brand. Now isn’t that awesome!

Social Media offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building & increasing sales. Social media services are used by most businesses today to reach out to their audience and promote products & services which can be used to build and strengthen brand image too.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world & in this country 1/4th of the population check FB the moment they wake up – 95% of the population of the FB users are millennials & they are your target audience.

Social Media is the new way of thinking & marketing – From boosting your sales to raising brand awareness. Doing Marketing through Social Media requires a lot of time, passion and expertise. With the power balance shifting to customers, brands have to play the game carefully. And this is where RankHigher comes in. We know the key to being successful online and help your business stand out.

How to choose a domain name and domain extension for my website?

I recently consulted someone who is about to startup her own business in the luxury apparels space. Like any other entrepreneur, she is not only passionate about the idea, but have also researched and zeroed in on a brand name for her company. However, she is facing some challenges with the domain name for her brand. And therefore she wanted to consult me on the same.

I have seen lot of questions been posted on forums such as Quora and Facebook about domain name extensions and which one to choose. Therefore, I am writing this short post to help entrepreneurs choose the right domain extensions for their business.

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SEO Outsourcing – Things to Know

Strategising and Implementing SEO can be highly daunting for a lot of businesses. Especially when you do not have the team or the skillset in place. If you are a hands on business owner or a marketing manager in a company, getting good organic visitor growth on your website must be at the top of your charts. Therefore SEO becomes one of the most crucial tools in organic lead generation. Outsourcing your SEO activities to a specialized agency seems to be the best option, as you do not need to recruit and manage an SEO specialist/SEO team in-house.

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Love Your Idea But Build a Business First – A 2014 Lookback

All of us humans, are born with capabilities which are unique to each one of us. It is only when we identify our capabilities that we start growing.

Passion is a great driver – But for how long?

During 2013, Raunak (my cofounder) and I were working on our own product FounderMates, which was a passion that we harbored since 2012. FounderMates, which was aimed at helping entrepreneurs connect to mentors, was receiving a lot of excitement from early stage entrepreneurs.

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Customer Relations – How to manage demanding clients

Clients (Customers) are at the heart of any business. Every business needs to manage customer relations effectively. In fact, it’s said that the ‘Customer is King’ but what happens when the King begins to rule your kingdom other than his own?

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Are You Scared About Your Product Release?

It was year 2012; my first experience with a very early stage startup in London. This was also my first ever encounter with the lean startup principles in action with regards to product release. And to be honest, it scared the hell out of me at first.

When I observed the process of product-rollout at my startup, I used to find myself silently cringing at the way they would roll out every week (almost religiously). I cringed not because they made it a point to roll out the product iteratively and regularly but because if I were the product owner, I would die of a heart attack if I were to roll out the product in a seemingly “less perfect” shape.

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