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How can you market your Real Estate Projects?

Real Estate in India; as hot as It was 2 years back, it has taken a huge dip. Real Estate Developers are sitting on unsold inventory resulting in losses worth 100s of Crores. Too many developers, too many projects and high cost of bank lending coupled with exorbitant prices have resulted in this stagnation.

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Are You Doing These 8 Steps to Promote Your Business?

When you are launching a product or a service, you have got to figure out how to promote them effectively. You cannot build your product first and expect that your customers might come. It never happens that way. And even if they come, they will not come in numbers to justify the effort you put in the first place.

So, if you are launching your business, make sure you know how to hustle. A hustler is someone who is out there continuously building an awesome product/service, talking and networking with people and building a brand simultaneously.

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How to Increase Website Traffic Using Content

On 6th April, 2015, our team at RankHigher was invited to a focus group discussion at the Nasscom 10K Warehouse, in Bangalore. We also gave a presentation to Nasscom startups on How to Increase Website Traffic Using Content. 

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How to Make Money Blogging in 2015

Growth of online media has given opportunities to everyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur. With very little startup capital, entrepreneurs are able to make decent money running their own businesses. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to find your passion which you can use to sell a product or service and you should have a big enough addressable market who are willing to pay your for it. Blogging is an important component to monetize your business. Blogs help you establish credibility; establish yourself as a knowledgeable business and builds and instant connection with your readers. If you are a startup entrepreneur planning to start an online business, or you have already started your venture and wondering how you can generate more revenue, here is a list I have compiled of ways in which you can make money through blogging.

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Periscope App – Now you can have your live shows and broadcast to the world

I am quite excited at the way technology is progressing and what the future is going to be like. Yesterday, I started playing around with a new App that has been making quite a buzz in the US. It’s called Periscope, a live streaming app which has been acquired by Twitter.

This is what the founders of Periscope had to say – “We launched Periscope a week ago and have been overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by the outpouring of excitement for the product. We built Periscope to let people discover the world through someone else’s eyes and in just a matter of days have taken us all around the globe — to nearly every country in the world.”

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Week In Review – March 23 – March 29 2015

At RankHigher, we have been very actively producing content on how to grow and market your business.

Here is what went in the week of March 23, 2015

6 Steps to Find Customer Pain Points

But, one of the biggest challenges I have seen with a lot of companies is, they are not identifying the right terms that their potential customers are looking for. And as a result, even though they may be having the best product/service out there, they remain undiscovered (Read More)

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What we learnt from creating a Facebook post that received 2200 shares organically

Facebook is the Holy Grail for a lot of content marketers. No other platform can boast of the sheer volume of people who actively engage on the platform like Facebook can. With so many brands trying to compete for user’s attention on Facebook, it is but natural that things have become more challenging for brands. How can we engage our audience better? How can we get our posts read by many people?

At RankHigher, we have been working with few clients on their Facebook marketing strategies. Recently, one of the posts which we had created and had published for a client did extremely well. Imagine, for a one year old school in Bangalore, a post which gets over 2200 shares, all organically! And the post has reached nearly 200,000 people on Facebook! Isn’t that more than what a one year old brand can aspire for.

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Why content marketing refuses to work for you?

As a business owner or as a marketer, it’s likely you acknowledge that content marketing is a potent form of marketing. Infact, it’s also likely that you try to use it as a tool to generate leads for your business.

Before I continue, I would just quickly state what I mean by content. By content I mean, the blogs on your site and the information that you take to your audience via social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Back to the topic at hand, this article will highlight some of the actions that cause our content marketing efforts to fail miserably.

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Top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes for Every Business

A comScore report stated that 19 billion searches happened in the US alone in March 2014. Content Marketing has become a key component of SEO success. With valuable content and a perfectly optimised site, every brand is trying to attract more customers.

At RankHigher, we researched the top 20 SEO and Content Marketing Quotes from SEO experts which sums up how SEO and Content Marketing should be used by brands to their advantage.

1. Any time you’re doing keyword research I now suggest that you just can’t rely on AdWords alone. It’s not good enough – Rand Fishkin, Moz 

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Medium – The New Channel for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most effective methods for a business to establish itself as an authority in its space. It not only enhances trust and credibility but also helps in converting leads to customers. At Marketing Fundamentals, we have been a big proponent of content marketing and how it adds value to businesses. Great content engages your audience, and helps you connect with them better. Your audience already knows you before they even become your client.

 One of the biggest challenges businesses face today, is the ever growing noise of social media. Even if you have something valuable to say, how do you manage to reach your audience? How do you ensure that older businesses, who are early adopters of social media, are not getting all the visibility, even though they may be producing very low quality content?

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