Why Use Instagram For Business?

Why Use Instagram For Business?

You want your brand to have an online presence across social media platforms

then an Instagram account is a must.

Now you might be wondering how can a photo sharing application do any good for my business. Well did you know Instagram is one of the social media platforms where you can get the maximum amount of reach in the shortest period of time irrespective of what scale of business you own - Instagram gives you an option to grow your network & engagement through pictures/short videos (content) which resonate with your audience. Like Facebook, Instagram is addictive, now don’t be under the impression that Instagram is only for the young & celebs & you don’t fit in etc etc, let’s agree to disagree here - The millennials are the maximum Instagram account holders but then wait again aren’t “millennials” the target audience for most of the businesses today. How To Market On Instagram Tip 1: Open an Instagram Account Tip 2: Link your Insta account to your FB & twitter account (crossposting) - Helps you boost your marketing efforts Tip 3: Create a  brand specific marketing strategy - Your content should be focused on your brand's unique way of seeing the world. Tip 4: Use Hashtags (#)  more than 11 hashtags per post which can be brand specific or generic which goes with your brand. When you’re running a campaign create a unique hashtag so your audience can latch onto the hashtag providing a wider reach for your campaign. Hashtags are a major part of Instagram & it’s one of the ways your users can find you through their Instagram searches, unlike other platforms, there is no character limit. More the hashtags the more merrier - Using trending hashtags that fit with your brand allows your content to be viewed by thousands of viewers in a matter of minutes. Tip 5: Be creative with your content (video/photos). You have to be cool & creative to stand out on Instagram. Eg: Feature fun videos/ photos of your employees, BTS look of your company. Instagram has introduced Business accounts on Instagram with unique benefits which allow you to engage with your audience

  1. You can add your contact & industry details to your profile making it simple for your customers to get in touch with you at ease.
  1. At Least one contact option should be included (email address, phone number or address) which will be the CTA for your profile.
  1. You can also add your brand website on the profile which is a clickable link, during an ongoing  campaign you can temporarily edit it with the campaign URL.
  1. You can link your brand Twitter & FB account so that photos you share can easily be cross-posted to your other social media accounts.
  1. Instagram Insights an analytic feature available only to business accounts provides actionable metrics which content resonates best with your audience based on your content analytics
  1. Insights also helps you tailor your profile & activity for optimum engagement based on the statistics of your audience (followers)


One of the main reasons brands are investing on Instagram advertising is because you can measure what happens after the click - you can track what they do next & if they end up making a purchase.