Hello everyone, hope you all had a tremendous week.

Here is what we have published this week at our SEO Knowledge Hub:

1. How to Approach SEO

A comprehensive presentation to help you with SEO basics.

2. How to Keyword Research

We conducted a session on SEO at Kyron Global Accelerator, Bangalore. The session was attended by startups and investors who wanted to know about finer SEO techniques. In this video we cover a small part of the talk where we focused on keyword research.

3. Why content marketing refuses to work for you?

Every business is producing content. But are they using content effectively? We explore the reasons why content fails.

4. Build Website for Audience – Not Google

Are you trying to game the search engine? Are you building a brand? Use SEO as an extension of your marketing strategy and not a get rich quick scheme.

So, here is to the week that went by and to the week ahead!

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