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Here is what went in the week of March 23, 2015

6 Steps to Find Customer Pain Points

But, one of the biggest challenges I have seen with a lot of companies is, they are not identifying the right terms that their potential customers are looking for. And as a result, even though they may be having the best product/service out there, they remain undiscovered (Read More)

6 Steps to Find Attractive E-Commerce Niche

Finding a niche ensures 50% success of your venture. If you are able to tap into a niche which has a lot of demand, where people are looking to pay for solutions and there is not a lot of competition, you have potentially hit a goldmine. (Read More)

5 Steps to Validate Demand for Your Business

Startups have a tendency to latch on to every free channel out there to market their business. This results in their efforts being diluted. You cannot be on all social channels, and do a great job at each of them without even testing whether your business has a sizeable market opportunity (Read More)

Hope you enjoy the recap! Have a great week ahead!

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