In the offline world, how do we measure whether our business is generating interest? When we get lot of visitors to our shops or we get phone calls from prospects inquiring about our business.

Tracking website visitors – A challenge

In the online world, website visitors are our currency. Often the success and failure of our online venture depends a lot on how many visitors are visiting our website everyday. It is analogous to how many people are coming to your shop.

So, we as website owners, we need to understand and measure how people are visiting our website and the sources of their visits. Knowing the sources of visitors help us understand which aspects of marketing are working and where we need to focus our efforts on.

A lot of focus is made on content creation and marketing, but not a lot of efforts are made to track the visitors.

This simple guide will help you set up your tracking tools on your website.

Part 1: Installing the tools

1. Install Google Analytics

Most of the website owners would be knowing the use of Google Analytics. However, for the first timers, Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to track information related to website visits.

1. Visit and log into your Google Account

2. Click on Access Google Analytics button to top

3. Click on Signup

4. Create a new Website Account as below:New Analytics Account

5. The checkboxes are checked by default. Keep them as is. Click on Get Tracking Id

6. You will have to “Accept” to the “Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement”

7. You will get your tracking code.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

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