Top 10 SEO Questions Businesses Have

Top 10 SEO Questions Businesses Have

We spoke to several business owners over the last 1 month, and we realized that they have several doubts over how SEO works and how an SEO strategy should be formulated.

Here we list Top 10 SEO questions businesses have and our answers. This will serve as a good reference material for anyone willing to learn more about SEO.



Top 10 SEO questions businesses have

1. Is there a time frame to get #1 in Google Ranking?

Ans: NO.Because –

Google #1 Rank depends upon:

1.Your competition and how established they are
2.The keyword you want to rank for in Google
3.The geographic area you are targeting

2. Which keywords should I target to rank #1?

1.Keywords that have low competition
2.Keywords that have higher monthly searches
3.Look for keywords which are phrases as opposed to one or two words.
4.Keywords that have higher CPC Adwords value
Choose keywords which are more like phrases. These keywords may have lesser monthly searches, but if you manage to rank high for 5-10 of these longer keywords, you will end up getting a huge traffic.
These keywords are known as “long tail keywords”. Do not try to only rank for more competitive keywords which are 1 word or 2 word keywords. They are difficult to rank for, time consuming and will not yield benefits.

3. How do I know if my SEO is working?

Ans: Your average daily organic website visit rate has increased.

4. Is there a ball park count of daily website visit?

Ans: No, it depends upon your industry segment and niche. If the total number of monthly searches in your niche is around 500 for a particular keyword, then if you rank #1 for that keyword, you can expect around 205 visitors in a month.

5. My website is not coming to #1. Does that mean my SEO is not effective

Ans: Wrong. Instead of obsessing over #1 ranking, focus on:
1.Getting more organic visitors
2.Incremental improvement in ranking
3.Reduce bounce rates
4.More social media followers

6. SEO can be done in 2-3 months and then I do not need to worry right?

Ans: Wrong. It is the biggest sin you can commit. It is like marketing your business for first few months and then stopping it completely thinking your first few months’ effort will keep getting you customers. SEO is a continuous month-on-month effort.

7. My site visits have increased but I do not get any conversions? Why?

Ans: There could be several reasons for that:
1.You are targeting the wrong kind of website visitors. For example, if your visitor simply needs to know about digital photography, but your site is only about digital cameras, he may not buy anything.
2.Your website is not attractive enough for the customer to sign up

8. How do I avoid such a situation?

1.At the outset, make sure what your goal is. If it is about website visits or about conversion or both.
2.Work with your SEO team to brainstorm keywords targeting relevant sets of customers who fall into each category.
3.Create valuable content for customers to read and learn.
4.Keep checking the bounce rate. Try to keep it below 50%

9. How should I prioritize my SEO tasks?

Ans: It is always best to talk to an SEO expert to help you plan out the SEO execution bit. SEO is a holistic process. As such, doing one activity over the other will not get you quick success. However, if you do need to prioritize, focus on:
1.Creating and distributing new and fresh content based on well researched long tail keywords
2.Get more backlinks
3.Focus on improving the HTML meta tags on your site

10. Can I compete with a US based company sitting in India for Google Rankings?

Ans: Absolutely. You can target any geography sitting in another geography by having targeted relevant information and content for that geography.