How to do Keyword Research - Infographic

How to do Keyword Research - Infographic

SEO is not about putting in any random keyword on your website and hoping that it would open up a plethora of business leads. Google gets over a billion queries everyday. So in order to be found for keywords which are relevant for your business, a careful and meticulous planning needs to be done.

If you are in the business of selling shoes, you want your website to target keywords such as "buy shoe online", "best shoes" etc, which are keywords which users will search on Google for the purpose of transaction.

This however gets more complicated when you need to understand the diverse search patterns of people. You need to understand all possible ways a user can search on the internet for products/services related to your business and then rank in search engine.

Sounds Complicated?

At, we have created this simple infographic that highlight the steps in doing a keyword research:

How to do Keyword Research

how to do keyword research


Keyword Research is a strategy that should reflect your business goals and objectives. It is the most important part of doing SEO. A combination of these 4 factors listed above can help you achieve the right keywords that can bring in leads to your website.

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