Facebook Marketing Strategy - How to Approach It?

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy - How to approach it?

If there is one platform that a marketer should seriously consider, it should undoubtedly be Facebook. Especially for a B2C business, Facebook presents lot of opportunities to innovate, experiment and test a brand’s communication with its prospects. Obviously, if you are a startup, with no Facebook following, the effort you need to put in will be much more. But with careful mix of content targeted at the right audience, you are sure to attract eyeballs.

For a brand, the biggest challenge is to define a Facebook marketing strategy. How many posts should be going out? Is 1 per day alright? Or shall we start with 2 posts a week? What kind of posts shall we do? Shall we pay for Facebook ads?

These are some questions, not only brands but even marketers need to answer when they define a Facebook strategy.

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy


  1. Focus on Creating Content for your Audience

Facebook is not a medium to share random posts and memes. Yes, there will be one off meme’s such as the Alok Nath meme, that will go viral, but that will do nothing for your brand. What you need to focus on, is to create content which is valuable to your target audience. What is that you are selling? How will that solve your prospects pain point? How are you different from the rest? When you write down these answers, you will know what content to create for your audience. Besides, you should have a clearly defined objective behind a solid content strategy. Is it about sign ups, sales or branding or a combination of all three?

  1. Mix up the content

Facebook gives the opportunity to mix up your content. Do not focus on just one form of delivery. Unless you mix it - pictures, blogs, slides, videos, podcasts etc, you will not know how your customers receive your content. The end goal of your content will also decide the way you mix up your content. Research says, Facebook users engage with pictures and videos more than they do with other forms of content. So, whatever you share on Facebook, ensure that you upload a picture. Also mixing up your content will keep the surprise element with your audience and will prevent boredom.

  1. Focus on emotions

Today’s businesses are about being human to human. If you are creating content for your audience, and you want them to take some action on your content, you have to trigger an emotion. Be it about positive energy, about goodness in society, humour, fear or anger, you need to evoke some emotion strong enough to trigger some action.

  1. Paid Advertisement

It is true that Facebook has limited the reach of organic ads. But that is not the reason you should be doing a Facebook advertisement. Facebook paid advertisement is a powerful way to reach your target audience. You have the ability to micro-target your audience, down to their specific behaviours, interests, their job, employer, as well as demography. Even if you end up micro-targeting an audience of 60 people, they maybe worth more than targeting 1000 people who may not buy anything. And Facebook ads are cheaper than lot of other paid adverts out there. The most lousy form of advertisement is to boost a post or boost a page, as you will get lot of “Likes” from people who will never engage with your brand. So spend some time to define your audience, experiment with Ad copies and measure results.

  1. Latest Trends

One of the fastest way to get engagement for your posts is to piggyback on the latest news/stories/trends and crafting a post. For example, if there is an important football match on a particular day, create a post that reflects the mood of the match. A good graphic should compliment the post. Such a post will surely get engagement. 

  1. Make your Audience the Hero

This is a method we have tested with lot of success with our client. Make your audience the hero of your next post. It could be a post about people who engage the most with your page. Create a graphic in recognition of their engagement. Make them the "Hero of the Month". If you are selling products to mothers, make your top 5 followers (mothers) as hero on Mother's day. Change your Facebook cover picture with a graphic thanking those 5 mothers. The graphic should have the names and pictures of those 5 mothers. See how many shares and comments that post will generate. 

  1. Motivational Quotes

This is a quintessential favourite of Facebook. A motivational/inspirational quote about life is bound to get you engagement. Try it out. But don’t overdo it. 

  1. Puzzles and Quizzes

We have seen puzzles and quizzes drive lot of engagement as well. Keep the quizzes interesting and in line with your business. 

  1. Page Insights

Facebook Page Insights is a great way to measure how your posts are performing. Also, I am using a tool called Fanpage Karma, which gives details, such as influencers, best time and day to share your posts, type of posts which gets most engagement etc. Also, Fanpage Karma is a nice tool to spy on your competitor pages. A good analysis of data is crucial to succeed in Facebook. Complement the top 4 points with page insights data and maximise your Facebook presence.


I hope these points will help you get some idea about how to craft a winning Facebook marketing strategy.


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