1 Thing Every Website Owner Should Do

1 Thing Every Website Owner Should Do

Digital Marketing and SEO are overused terms in today's world. Once SEO used to be the playground of certain secretive people, who did some tricks behind the scenes and your websites would rank on first page of Google. And then came some Google updates and all those rankings plummeted never to pick up again. And then came the world of Social Media, where everyone is a creator, a publisher and consumer. Where everyone can produce and market content which was once the prerogative of a privileged few media houses. And then came the problem of plenty!. Today, as a business owner, you know that having a website is essential for growth. You also know that digital marketing plays a key role to attract visitors to your site. A simple search on Google with the term "Digital Marketing Strategies", yields more than 65 million results. So, there lies the problem of plenty! What is that "1 thing every every website owner should do"? At RankHigher.in, had a forum discussion on this topic, where experts from different parts of the world joined to give their opinion on what is that 1 thing that you should do as a website owner. The objective of this discussion was to cut out all the noise from the internet and focus on the most essential thing which will help you grow. Enjoy the read:

If you had to advise 1 thing to a website owner about his website, what would that be?

1. The first thing would be HTML & CSS verification. A website with unique value, and good KPI reaches higher ranks then a website that is not optimized properly. 2. Focus on the user experience that you are creating when integrating keywords. Creating a UX that is both informative and engaging to your consumers will increase there time spent on the website and in turn increase exposure. 3. Strong on-page optimization. 4. Top priority would be content, relevant keywords in relevant numbers! 5. Page Speed 6. Whatever be the purpose of the site (yes even if it sells products or services) think of it as a content publisher. Then publish and promote quality content that your target customers will find interesting. That's not the *one* thing, but it's the *most important* thing, and you should carry it around in your head all the time 7. Google loves pages with high quality content and somewhere around 2,400 words. Having said that who's going be able to write that much consistently? So I would say around 400 words should suffice. 8. Get your brand values clear. What will you stand up for? Because you need a following of like minds, people who want you to succeed. If you're clear together about what you want, they'll support you in search, reviews, share links 9. Aim towards the end user, not for Search Engine's. 10. Do not to use any copied content for their website, Make unique,easy to understand & keyword oriented CONTENT that directly compliment your Product and services.

What would be your take on 1 thing every website owner should do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.