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Welcome to RankHigher.in, the leading web design & development company in India.

We are marketers and our core mission is to help you get more customers. We approach web design with this objective;

“How can we create a website that can be a revenue generating magnet for your business?”

We are a professional digital marketing agency which helps brands grow online. We are skilled in developing cutting-edge, aesthetically designed websites that can help convert your visitors into leads.

Unlike most IT Service companies, we work as your digital marketing partners. We approach website development as a core part of your digital marketing activity. Whether you want to create an integrated campaign for which you need a microsite or a mobile app, we help you strategize and execute the campaign in the most perfect way.

Our Web design and development services in India:

  1. HTML 5 Website Design
  2. E-commerce Websites
  3. Magento E-commerce Websites
  4. Customised WordPress websites
  5. CMS (Content Management Systems) enabled websites (Joomla, Drupal)
  6. Android App Development
  7. IPhone Mobile App Development
  8. Facebook App Development

We offer web development services in the following Indian cities:

  1. Web Design Services Delhi NCR
  2. Web Design Services in Mumbai
  3. Web Design & Development in Bangalore
  4. Web Design & Development in Chennai

Why do you need professional services of a web design & development company?

A good professionally designed website is your business’s window to the world. It helps your business be accessible 24X7 infront of prospective customers. With the increased penetration of mobile phones and decreasing cost of internet packs, people are accessible websites more than ever. Besides, websites help you to connect with your audience, explain about your vision and much more.

Don’t settle for any web development firm

However, you cannot just afford to work with any web development company. You have to work with companies who are specialists in digital marketing services. This is because, website is a part of your overall online persona and as such, it should be integrated into your digital marketing strategy. RankHigher.in being a digital marketing firm, our goal is to help brands be discovered, get more engagement and increase sales through online channels. And hence, the way we look at web design is different from a host of other players in the industry.

We protect you from heartburn later

We have come across multiple businesses who have got their e-commerce websites developed somewhere else and now they want to do optimise the website for search engines. And in most cases, we end up re-doing the website grounds up. And this results in double the expenses for the brand. We act as marketing consultants for your business and suggest you the best website that can help you grow your business.

Website is a Lead Generation Tool

We look at your website as a lead generation tool. Hence we invest lot of time to research your target market and industry to understand how your prospective buyers are searching online. Based on this information, we design the information architecture of the website.

Then our web design team works on implementing the website structure as per the guidelines.

We have proven that this methodology works as a lead generation magnet for brands. One of customers started getting over 50 leads per day, within few weeks of launching their new website.

Conversion Optimisation

Most web design companies in India will not go beyond their agreed contract to design landing pages that convert. This is because they have little to no idea how the conversion funnel works and how websites need to be designed keeping the funnel in mind. Since we are a digital marketing company, our core focus is growing business using digital channels. Hence we focus on websites that act as lead generation magnets. We use heat map tools to understand how users are behaving on your website and how landing pages need to be optimised to increase conversion

Conversion Pixels for Google and Facebook

Once your website is developed and launched, you would want to run campaigns on Facebook and Google. However, to ensure that your ads are working properly and capturing data you need to install conversion pixels on your website. Since we work on an end to end digitial marketing strategy, installing conversion pixel is a core part of our activity

Integration with CRM Systems

Most online businesses need to install CRM systems to ensure that the leads generated are captured and followed up properly by the sales team. And bigger the business gets, more complicated the CRM systems become. RankHigher.in has experience with integrating some of the most popular CRM systems available. This helps in quantifying and measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Expert Team

We are team of coders, designers and marketers who are excited to develop brands and create revenues for clients through effective marketing. Therefore we are able to visualise websites and mobile apps that can open your doors to customers and revenue. Our graphic designers work closely with developers and product managers to design apps and websites that not only have the best UI but also help in generating leads.

Microsite Development

If you want to run a campaign for a month, more often than not you would need to create a microsite which is separate from your brand’s primary website. The microsite can be a website or a mobile app, a Facebook app or all the three. Since we are marketers, we not only conceptualise the entire campaign, but we come up with solutions suited to your requirements and develop the best microsite that can help you run the campaign effectively.


We change the perception of website development

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