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Welcome to, the leading web design & development company in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu boats of a strong Information Technology corridor as well as a booming real estate. A lot of India’s top brands have a strong presence in the city. Whether you are a local player servicing customers within Chennai or have a national or even international presence, you need to have a website that can help you get more customers. RankHigher, being the leading digital marketing company in Chennai, has a keen understanding of how brands can use digital marketing channels to grow their revenues. And because of this digital marketing first strategy, we have a keen understanding of how a website fits into the overall marketing objective. We create websites which are not only aesthetic but have strong functional elements and are optimised for search engines and conversions thus giving you the maximum ROI for your investments.

Why do you need professional services of a web design & development company in Chennai?

A professionally designed website will not only be your brand’s window to the world 24X7, but also act as a lead generation tool for your business. However, you should not just develop any website. A website should be part of your 360 degree digital marketing presence and therefore it should be developed with that thought in mind. Below we give you few reasons why you should work with

  • Don’t settle for any web development firm

Many businesses make the grave mistake of working with any web development firm without having enough understanding of the outcome. Most web developers we have encountered never treat website as part of any SEO strategy. And therefore, they end up websites which do more harm than good for your business. A website is more than a good UI or look and feel. It should be developed so that your customers can find it on search engines. At we have changed the model of traditional web development. We research and understand your business, industry, and your market. Then we do a thorough keyword research to help us understand search patterns of your target customers. A through keyword research helps us discover gold nuggets of information which we use to develop the information architecture of your website. We also develop the meta tags of your website. Once these steps are completed, we get down to designing and developing your website. This method has proven to be extremely beneficial for brands. After all, a website’s purpose is not just to appear pretty but also to be found by people. And we deliver that.

  • SEO Optimised Websites

We do not just claim to build SEO friendly websites. We actually develop Websites that are Search engine optimised. Which means, we research your market, analyse your keywords, create information architecture and the meta tags and then develop the website. Which means, by the time your website is launched, you would be in a great position to start generating leads.

  • We protect you from heartburn later

We have come across multiple brands (some very large ones) which have made the mistake of taking a website first strategy as opposed to a marketing first strategy. As such they have spent huge sums of money developing websites which are more of a liability than as assets. Now, in order for them to attract more visitors, they need to completely redevelop the website from scratch. As a result the expenses go up multiple folds. We protect you from such heartburns later. Since we a marketing first company, our approach to web design and development is very different to traditional agencies. Our holistic approach keeps customer business at the heart of our strategy and therefore we are able to maximise the benefits.

  • Website is a Lead Generation Tool

How many web development companies have you come across who tell you that your website is a lead generation tool, and therefore should be developed to be a lead gen magnet? Rarely do you come across web developers who have a deep understanding of marketing and therefore the website they develop does not fulfil the business requirement of brands. We, on the contrary, take a marketing first approach. We take time to understand how your website can add value to your brand and then develop the website. One of our recent clients started generating over 50 leads a day, few days after launching their website. This is the power of good websites which we can design for you.

  • Conversion Optimisation

We not only develop websites but also optimise the website so that they convert better. We use heatmap tools to split test different landing pages and check how visitors behave on the website. And then we optimise the landing pages enabling better conversion. We execute different ad campaigns for clients and lead generation becomes a primary criterion for success for those campaigns. Therefore we develop optimised landing pages and test them out to see effectiveness.

  • Conversion Pixels for Google and Facebook

Once you launch your website, you would be using Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. You would need to add conversion pixels and tags to measure campaign performance and optimise if necessary. We will help you with adding conversion pixels to your website so that you can accurately measure the ROI of your ad campaigns.

  • Integration with CRM Systems

As your business grows and you attract more leads, you would need to integrate your website with CRM sales tools. This helps in tracking incoming leads, assigning them, follow up and eventually measure the ROI of your marketing efforts. We have helped in integration of some of the most well- known CRM systems and we can deliver them for you.

  • Expert Team

We are a team of online marketers, designers, product managers and technologists who bring in diverse experience in the field of web development. Our approach to web development is always business first. Because of this unique positioning, we are able to deliver websites which act as lead generation magnets for your business.

  • Microsite Development

If you wish to execute a campaign, we would work with you to develop a campaign strategy that ensures maximum leads/sales generated. For this, we would develop microsites, mobile apps, Facebook apps or all the three based on the campaign objective and marketing strategy.


We change the way a website should be developed. It should have a brand first strategy. Because of our keen eye on marketing, we develop websites that can help you generate leads.

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