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Business Understanding and Keyword Research in Mumbai

Business Understanding and Keyword Research

Like any marketing campaign which requires a thorough analysis of the product/service, brand USP and competitor analysis, we employ rigorous business analysis at the start of any SEO project. Our consultants work with you to understand your business, the industry niche, competitors and what problem you are solving for your potential clients. Then we do a SWOT analysis to identify your competitive positioning in the market.
Keywords are search terms that people use when they are looking for a product/service that you are offering. We use a combination of tools such as Google keyword planner, social media and other tools to identify the universe of search queries. This helps us understand your competitive positioning and the difficulty level of each keyword. Then we group the keywords based on similarity. Grouping is necessary to help your website rank for different search combinations and gives your page added weight for Google.

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Website and URL Structure in Mumbai

Website and URL Structure

This is where a lot of businesses go wrong. Based on our keywords and competitor analysis, and keyword grouping, we identify suitable website structure for your business. This takes into consideration various Google’s best practices interms of directory structure, depth of URL’s and static URLs. We use the keywords on the URLs to help Google understand and index the pages better.

On-Page SEO in Mumbai

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is important for Google crawlers to understand what a particular webpage is about and thus index them accordingly. We help in optimising Title Tags, meta tags, and content to give you the required SEO boost.

Performance & Technical Analysis in Mumbai

Performance & Technical Analysis

Google prefers fast loading websites. If your website is slow to load, it will see a dip in keyword rankings. Ideal time for a website to load is around 1.5 seconds. Loading speed depends on several factors that include server speed, image sizes, CSS, HTML and Javascript issues on the website. Our technical analysts are adept at handling performance for websites.
As websites tend to become bigger and older, we have seen they have loads of redundant URLs, dead URLs, duplicate URLs as well as dynamic URL structure. Using a combination of tools we are able to identify these challenges with the website and address them accordingly.

Off-Page SEO in Mumbai

Off-Page SEO

When we have completed the earlier 6 steps properly, you would have seen a huge bump in rankings already. Quality of backlinks play a huge role in helping you beat your competition. We understand the best practices of off-page and we use a combination of social signals, authoritative backlinks and blogs to ensure link diversity that can give your website organic boost.

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Why should a business invest in professional SEO services in Mumbai?

If you are running a business in Mumbai, or serving customers across the globe, SEO is very important for your business success. Over 1 billion queries happen on Google everyday. People are looking up on Google to find information about services and products they want to buy. You want your website to be up on page 1 of Google for relevant searches. This has the potential to grow your business exponentially.

While you are focussed on growing your business, your team may not have the necessary skills to help you with search engine optimisation. This is where a professional SEO agency like comes in. Our SEO consultants in Mumbai have years of expertise helping brands win the search engine marathon. We have helped businesses grow their revenues by 10X through strategic SEO implementation. Our services are affordable to smaller brands as well who can derive significant growth through SEO.

Our SEO Strategy

We have been ranked as India’s Most Promising SEO Company by CIOReview. We have helped brands grow their businesses by 10X. We differentiate ourselves from other players through our holistic SEO strategy that combines sharp business acumen, marketing knowhow and SEO skills.


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Being in the industry, we are aware of the challenges most brands face when selecting the right SEO partner. We list reasons below why you should work with us:

Case Studies

Our work speaks for our expertise. We have delivered significant business growths to our clients. We do not work as just an outsourced agency. We work with you as partners who are invested in your business growth. You can take a look at our case studies here.

Thought Leadership

We are working extremely hard to develop a culture of SEO in the country. We are regular contributors to magazines such as We have given guest talks at Nasscom and Kyron Global Accelerator in Bangalore.


We were recognised as India’s Most Promising SEO Companies by CIO Review. Our work has been featured on Magazines such as Afaqs, Social Samosa, Business Insider and Astro Malaysia.

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