seo strategy

How soon can I get on first page of Google?

When businesses approach us for getting their website search engine optimised, we get this question almost every time – How long will it take for my website to come to page 1 of Google?

Some even ask for guarantees – “Give me a written guarantee that my website will be in top 4 in 4 months”. A lot of them ask us this question even before giving basic information about website, niche, geography and competition.

In short, it is impossible to answer “how soon can a website get on first page of Google”

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Pre Launch SEO strategy for websites.

Typically most of business owners face some sort of difficulty when it comes to using their website to meet their business goal. This is the time, when they think about hiring a SEO consultant’s services. In real world situation, one of the biggest mistakes most of them commit is they just create a website which will be a replica of their corporate brochure. Businesses just identify a domain name and then they buy it and create a website with their products and services details in it.Having a Pre launch SEO strategy will help you to plan few factors which will ultimately help your future optimization activities more structured.

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