On-page SEO

How to Generate a Solid On-page Strategy for E-commerce?

It’s 120 million.

Wondering what?

The number of online shoppers in India in 2018. And this number is expected to march towards 220 million by 2025.

With increasing internet and smartphone penetrations, our Indian E-commerce industry is on an upward growth trajectory showing no signs of decline. This stresses enough the importance of businesses breaking into e-commerce and planning appropriate marketing strategies to broaden their brands.

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10 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Must Know

There are over 200 factors that Google takes into account during ranking. These factors have different weightage in Google’s algorithm. As such, a good search engine optimised website cannot depend on one particular ranking factor. However, for simplicity and better understanding of business owners, we have highlighted the 10 mportant ranking factors (not in any order), which if implemented properly can help in giving the much required SEO boost to your website.

We have implemented these 10 factors on most of our projects and they have yielded great results.

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