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Welcome to, the leading SEO Services Company in Pune.

Congratulations for taking the right step to grow your business through SEO services in Pune. If you have a website, you need to attract as much relevant traffic on your website as possible. Traffic is the life blood for any website and SEO is the best way to get sustainable traffic. Whether you are a local business in a Pune or a national player, you need to attract people to your website. is your perfect digital marketing partner in your SEO journey.

Why should you invest in professional SEO Services in Pune?

Often, we get asked by businesses that why can’t we hire couple of SEO executives and get the job done in-house? What is the point in getting professional services? Well, the difference lies in having novice vs a team of experts who will be doing your marketing.

Will you trust a bunch of novices to handle your website’s SEO? Did you know that a bad SEO strategy can get your site de-indexed from Google? This means, your site will not appear on Google search. Google is very particular about how a website should be optimised. And their algorithms have evolved so much that they can easily find out websites which are violating SEO practices and using black-hat methods to rank their websites. If you end up risking, you will be penalised heavily by Google.

SEO cannot be delivered by 1 or 2 guys in the company. It needs a team of professional experts who can work on your strategy as well implementation. It needs several years of expertise to deliver proper SEO for a website.

A good SEO strategy can increase your website visitors by several multiples. We have seen scenarios, where some of our clients have grown their visitors by over 50X and have grown their revenues by 3X just through a proper SEO.

How should you select the right SEO Services Company in Pune to be your partner?

We admit that choosing the right SEO partner for your business is tough. Since SEO is still misunderstood by a lot of people, they become easy prey to false and preposterous promises. Some agencies charge ridiculously low prices to get projects only to employ spammy techniques that can hurt your business irreversibly.

Based on our experience, here are few points which you look into while selecting the right partner for your website’s SEO:

  1. Case Studies

Do they have good case studies to show? And by case studies, we do not mean what is the ranking they have achieved for their clients. Those numbers can easily be forged and you will never know if they are ranking their client for keywords which have genuine search volume. By case studies, we mean how much tangible growth clients have achieved because of the agency’s SEO.

  1. Client Testimonials

Talk to some of their past clients. Ask them why are they happy to refer this agency? What tangible difference has the agency brought to their business.

  1. Too cheap

If someone is selling SEO at very cheap rates, please be cautioned. Good SEO requires loads of skills which do not come cheap. And agencies which offer cheap rates are usually going to use spammy techniques or they will not deliver any results at all.

  1. Very attractive promises

We come across several companies who offer guaranteed 1st page rankings. None of them works for Google. How on earth will they promise something which they don’t control? Those are sales techniques used to sell to clients.

  1. Thought Leadership

Does the agency produce thought leadership content? Most genuine agencies will provide good content in business magazines as a way to spread knowledge among people.

  1. Look for the right fit

This is very important. You need to work with a partner who believes and understands your vision. SEO can only work when the vision is aligned.

What makes the right perfect for your SEO journey? has extensive experience in the field of SEO having worked with more than 30 clients and delivering exceptional results. Here are some of the highlights of our work:

  1. We have been named India’s Top 5 Promising SEO Company
  2. We have been invited for guest talks at Nasscom and Kyron Global Accelerator
  3. We have conducted workshops for leading brands such as UrbanClap
  4. Some of our clients have been getting over 200 leads a day and over 2000 visitors organically on the website within few months of website launch.
  5. Our clients have grown their business by over 50X through SEO alone.
  6. We contribute guest articles on Magazines such as
  7. Our work has been featured on Afaqs, Social Samosa, Astro TV, Business Insider and many such magazines
  8. We are more than happy to provide client references who are our company evangelists
  9. We are present in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.’s SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy involves a thorough analysis of client business and how SEO can bring value to their business. We follow a 6 step methodology for client SEO:

1.      Business Analysis

Once we start working with you, we spend considerable amount of time working with the marketing manager of your company to understand more about your business, your USP, your competitive positioning, your target market and the industry and the geography you want to target for your SEO campaigns. This forms the basis of a successful SEO strategy. Most agencies will not take the right time and analyse the client business enough. A good business analysis helps us approach SEO holistically that can give you the biggest growth.

2.      Keyword Research

This is the most crucial part of SEO. If you get this part wrong, you will be pretty much be messing up any chance of sustainable success. Because we take time to understand your business, it helps us brainstorm and come up with possible search queries that your customers might be searching on Google. We use a combination of tools to unearth possible queries which can propel you to success.

3.      Information Architecture

This step involves how your site should be structured; from the homepage to the lead page and how the pages should be interlinked. Google gives lot of importance on how the website information is structured and the corresponding URL when it ranks a website. For some of our clients, we have developed information architecture that had more than 4000 pages.

4.      Performance

Google best practices suggest that a webpage should load in about 1.5 seconds. However, if you see most websites, they will take forever to load. And this is a disaster. Slow loading webpages directly impacts the ranking of the website. Our tech team works on improving the page load time as much as possible.


5.      On-Page

The content on your pages determines how good your ranking will be. It is a crucial factor for ranking. Because we invest a lot of time in keyword research and information architecture, we are able to create the best possible meta tags for your webpages and the content for each webpage.

6.      Off-Page

The quality of backlinks determine whether you will be able to defeat your competitor or not, if all other factors are equal. We work with a network of professional high quality backlinkers who work on creating effecting web 2.0 websites that help to juice up the pages for ranking.

Our SEO Services

We provide different kinds of services, based on the needs of the client.

  1. SEO Services (Limited Keywords) – Typically for smaller websites which want to target very specific keywords
  2. Advanced SEO – Typically for large websites, magazines or ecommerce businesses
  3. SEO Consulting – We consult the client’s in-house SEO team of how they should be optimising their website
  4. SEO Training – If you have an in-house SEO team, but you want them to be trained on advanced SEO techniques, we provide 1 or 2 day trainings suited to your needs


Convinced about working with us to take your website to the next level? Do give us a buzz by filling in the form and our representative will get in touch with you.