SEO Services Company in Chennai

SEO Company in Chennai
Are you looking for a reliable SEO Company in Chennai? Are you tired with all those SEO Companies in Chennai who promise you great rankings at very cheap prices, yet fail to deliver? If you answered Yes to these questions, you have arrived at the right is a leading digital marketing company in Chennai. We are backed by a team of experts with MBAs from Imperial College London who have had several years of global experience serving both corporates and small businesses.

Our SEO Services in Chennai has been established with several years of research on how one should successfully implement an SEO Strategy. SEO is not about a quick way to gain rankings. It is not about gaming Google’s algorithm. We have developed our SEO Services keeping Google’s best practices in mind.

1. Technical Issues with your website

We have a team of in-house experts who will analyse the problems with your website. This will include:

      1. Website Hierarchy
      2. URL Structure
      3. HTML Errors
      4. CSS Errors

Google crawlers understands websites when they are developed in a certain way. We ensure that by removing all the technical glitches, your website is following Google’s standards of coding.

2. Performance Issues with your website

Did you know that a website that loads faster will rank higher in Google Search result than a slow loading website. Most websites we see have been developed without keeping the performance aspect in mind. As a result, we see extremely slow loading badly developed websites. Our team of technical experts ensures that we optimise the performance of your website to the maximum such that it gets precedence in Google’s Search result.

3. On-Page Optimisation of your Website

Our team of SEO Experts, Technical Experts and Content Writers will work on researching the right keywords specific to your industry. We will create optmised webpages, which have the right mix of content, properly structured meta tags and HTML best practices that ensure that your website starts coming up the ranks for all relevant searches. We spend countless number of hours researching and understanding your market.

4.Off-Page Optimisation of your Website

Did you know that a good SEO Company in Chennai will always highlight the importance of using proper Off-Page Optimisation strategies? Off-Page Optimisation involves the concept of getting visitors to come to your website. It is a strategy that involves creating content and distributing content across various channels. We enable this through identifying various channels that are relevant to your business. We also help other websites link to your website, thus increasing your website’s authority in Google’s “eyes”.

Why Trust an SEO Company in Chennai like

The growth of SEO industry over the years, and the lure of quick money has produced several quacks in the industry. You would have come across countless companies who try to fish money out of you and never deliver the results. Moreover there are several companies who take part in Black Hat Spammy techniques which jeopardises your website’s future.

At, we have defined a strict methodology of work. We do not employ any spammy techniques. Our USP is the fact that we are a team of MBAs with global exposure who have been helping business in growing their business online. We are present in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

We have produced a success case study of a local business in Bangalore, India. We have helped the business grow its customer base by 3X in 4 months. The client is ranking above Just Dial in several of its important keywords. You can read the case study here.

How does SEO Company in Chennai – work?

We understand that you are looking for an SEO Company in Chennai because you want to rank high on Google. However, mostly we come across businesses who will want to rank for keywords which have no search volume. This means you are trying to rank for a keyword which no one searches. Net result is a vanity matrix. You are number 1 but you are not getting any visitors.

At, we employ a strtagey of what we call Consultative SEO Services in Chennai. We will work with you to understand your business goals, your target market, your 3 months objective and your current strategies. We will map all these out in front of you and together we will create a 3 month plan keeping your business goals in mind. Our team of researchers will help you identify the most important keywords which are not only relevant for you but also have high search volume.

We do not give any up front promises of high ranks or visitor count. Rather our method is data driven. We analyse for how many keywords you want to optimise and what could be the potential visitor count if you are on page 1 for those keywords. Therefore you have complete clarity on how we are implementing SEO for your website

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