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Did you know that over a billion searches happen on Google everyday? 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Did these stats tell you about the potential of SEO for a business in Kochi? Welcome to RankHigher™, leading SEO services company in Kochi. For over 8 years, we have helped businesses across the globe use effective long term SEO strategies to generate brand awareness, organic site visits, leads and sales online.

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How can SEO experts at RankHigher™ Kochi help you?

To understand how we can improve your business, let us give you a basic rundown on how google search intent works. A user is actively searching on mobile to seek information. Especially with pandemic, mobile usage and online searches have increased exponentially.

Google searches have 2 basic intents.
  • Informational intent searches and
  • Commercial intent searches

Informational intent searches are categorized as those where the user is trying to get more information about a subject. Most searches with “what”, “how to” etc fall in this category. Through these searches, the user is trying to make his life easier.

The other category of searches is “Commercial Intent”, where the user is seeking a product or service and is in the market to make a purchase. Searches with “services”, “best”, “reviews” etc fall in this category.

RankHigher™ experts help you define and generate a holistic SEO strategy that combines informational intent keywords and commercial intent keywords.

We begin the SEO process with a detailed business analysis:

  • What is the problem you are solving?
  • Who are you solving the problem for?
  • Where does your TG reside? What do they do?
  • What is your target geography?
  • What is the alternative that your TG has for the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Who are your primary competitors?
  • Who are your secondary competitors? Those who are providing an alternative to your solution

Once we understand this, we do a detailed secondary research to understand the scope of the project and how SEO can potentially impact your business.

We have an 8 step process for developing and implementing SEO strategy for your business:

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research helps us understand how people are searching on Google for queries which are related to your business. A lot of them will be informational queries and several will have commercial intent. Our objective is to find all possible keyword types and categorize and group them in a logical manner so that we understand the whole universe of searches in an easy manner.

2. Information Architecture

The logical grouping of keywords based on similar intent and context helps us develop the information architecture of your website. Information architecture is the logical flow of web pages in a website which makes it easy for a user as well as the Google Crawler to navigate, index and save web pages which get better organic rankings for Google searches.

3. On-Page SEO

This step refers to implementing focussed content with proper meta tags to ensure Google crawler is able to understand the context, topic, content and level of authority of your webpage. Higher the level of trust and authority for your webpage, higher the chances of better organic ranking for relevant searches.

4. Technical Optimization

This process ensures we have proper URL structure, folder levels, responsiveness, security protocols and interlinking of web pages that helps Google crawlers to crawl your website faster and more frequently.

5. Performance Optimization

Web page Loading time is crucial for SEO. Time to load the website including images and Javascript loading time impact organic performance of your website.

6. Competitor Backlink Analysis

To understand how your competitors are performing, analysing and cloning backlink strategies of your successful competitors can help you improve your organic rankings substantially.

7. Off-Page SEO

Our SEO analysts work on guest blogging, blogger outreach, web 2.0 content, influencer marketing and informational content that can generate authoritative links to your site. A link is essentially a trust vote gained from another website that shows Google that your website is an authority in your niche.

8. SEO for Informational Searches

Creating Brand related queries in SERP is crucial for long term success for your business. This essentially means, people identify you as an authority in your niche and are searching for your brand name on Google. This is only possible when you focus relentlessly on solving your user’s problems and try to make their lives better through informational and helpful content. The objective of these content pieces is not to pitch your product or service but rather to help the user.

Our SEO Services in Kochi

We have developed a comprehensive array of services tailored to needs of various types of businesses:

  • Professional SEO Services

This is designed for SMEs and Established businesses with consistent cash flow and growing client base who are willing to make their organic visibility better

  • Local SEO Services

This is designed for small businesses operating in Kochi only. For them, SEO is probably the most important driver of business growth

  • SEO Consulting

This is tailored for invested startups or bigger businesses with inhouse teams who need our SEO knowhow to define their SEO strategy better.

  • SEO Training

This is conducted as a 1 or 2 day workshop where we train companies on effective SEO strategies

Our SEO Values and Ethics

RankHigher™ has been a leading name in SEO services for over 8 years. The key to our survival and growth has been our focus on ethical long term solutions that generate brand awareness, increase organic traffic, leads and sales. We believe SOI provides the best long term ROI for any business and we deliver solutions that can deliver results. If you are looking to transform your SEO, do give us a call and we will help you.


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