SEO Case Study – 365Sharedworkspace


365Sharedworkspace is a shared workspace based in Bangalore, India.


The founder wanted to use SEO to get more visitors and leads to his website. Given that shared workspace need was hotting up, 2014 seemed to be the best time to dominate search engines.


  1. Created a plan to target related search terms.
  2. Understood the target market for shared workspace
  3. Implemented an SEO strategy to generate visitors to the website
Keyword Google Position
shared office space 2
shared office space in bangalore 1
coworking space bangalore 4
shared office space bangalore 1
startup workspace 2
sharing office space in bangalore 1
coworking office space bangalore 2
  1. The client is generating all his business from website enquiries.
  2. Website visitors from Google has gone up by 4X (300%)

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