Social Listening & Reputation Management

Social Media is a 2 way platform. You create content and share. On the other side, you have your audience who will share their views and opinions about you. As Social Media has given a voice to people, it has become very important for brands to listen to the voice of the customer every time.

A single disgruntled customer speaking negatively about a brand can cause a lot of damage. On social media, content snowballs and gathers momentum. And unless you are proactively listening to your customers online, things soon get out of hand.

If you are a brand that caters to masses and have a nationwide presence, then social listening becomes all the more important because of the sheer volume of conversation that takes place At RankHigher, we understand how important Social Listening and Reputation Management are for the success of your brand.

How do we execute?

1. We use online tools to listen to customer conversations every time they discuss about your
2. We take part in conversations that involves your brand

3. If there is a disgruntled customer, we will pass on the details to your customer services team who can take it up on priority

4. We reply to comments on your social media pages and profiles

5. If a customer enquires about your product/service, we immediately pass it onto your enquiry team.

If you want us to help you manage your social conversations and reputation, do let us know here.