How to do Keyword Research – Infographic

SEO is not about putting in any random keyword on your website and hoping that it would open up a plethora of business leads. Google gets over a billion queries everyday. So in order to be found for keywords which are relevant for your business, a careful and meticulous planning needs to be done.

If you are in the business of selling shoes, you want your website to target keywords such as “buy shoe online”, “best shoes” etc, which are keywords which users will search on Google for the purpose of transaction.

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Is Content Marketing Really Killing Quality? We don’t think so

I recently came across an article on The Guardian about how SEO experts are ruining the web by making commercial low quality content appear on top of Google search rankings, denying users the pleasure of enjoying good content. You can find the article here.

The article is based on the premise that “only” low quality “commercial” articles are ruling the web. The real “poets” are losing out in this battle as they are not using sophisticated SEO tactics.

The argument makes me feel that anything that is commercial is bad, anything that is competitive is bad.

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1 Thing Every Website Owner Should Do

Digital Marketing and SEO are overused terms in today’s world. Once SEO used to be the playground of certain secretive people, who did some tricks behind the scenes and your websites would rank on first page of Google. And then came some Google updates and all those rankings plummeted never to pick up again. And then came the world of Social Media, where everyone is a creator, a publisher and consumer. Where everyone can produce and market content which was once the prerogative of a privileged few media houses. And then came the problem of plenty!.

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Are You Tracking Website Visitors?

In the offline world, how do we measure whether our business is generating interest? When we get lot of visitors to our shops or we get phone calls from prospects inquiring about our business.

Tracking website visitors – A challenge

In the online world, website visitors are our currency. Often the success and failure of our online venture depends a lot on how many visitors are visiting our website everyday. It is analogous to how many people are coming to your shop.

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Pre Launch SEO strategy for websites.

Typically most of business owners face some sort of difficulty when it comes to using their website to meet their business goal. This is the time, when they think about hiring a SEO consultant’s services. In real world situation, one of the biggest mistakes most of them commit is they just create a website which will be a replica of their corporate brochure. Businesses just identify a domain name and then they buy it and create a website with their products and services details in it.Having a Pre launch SEO strategy will help you to plan few factors which will ultimately help your future optimization activities more structured.

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Top 10 Things that Make Your Tweet Shareable

What makes your content share-worthy? As business owners, marketers, agencies, we are all struggling to create content that gets “Viral”. We are all trying to get user’s limited attention span. We are all frantically looking out for magic pills that can immediately propel our content to success. We are all trying to get visitors to our websites which will probably lead to sales.

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Measuring SEO Value of Publishers & Links

Some of the best SEO experts globally came together for a Thursday chat on Twitter on SEO. It is known as the #SEOChat.

Topic for discussion for the #SEOChat was “Measuring SEO Value of Publishers & Links” . Back in the day, when Google’s original algorithm was developed, it was on the concept of how many different webpages link to your page. More the number of links you have, more popular your website will be. And this used to reflect in Google Search Rankings. However, as the algorthm evolved, the concept of Page Rank (PR) (based on Larry Page’s research) was introduced. Page Rank was a measure of how authoritative your URL is. This was measured using a combination of links, relevance, number of visitors to site, domain age etc.

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How to do Local SEO – Learn local SEO in 12 steps

As small business owners, many of you might be wondering how to do local SEO. As busy business owners, you might not have the time or the skill to work on technical improvements of your website or creating backlinks to your website. However, it is worth every bit of your effort to learn Local SEO. SEO for local search is the fastest and the most cost effective way to bring traffic to your website organically.

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Advanced Keyword Research – 6 step process – Backbone of SEO campaign.

Broadly speaking a website audit and an advanced keyword research lay the ground work for any SEO plan. A SEO audit throws light on various aspects of the current status of a website, like

1. How much search engine bot friendly is your website? – Technical side.

2. How well your website perform on customer’s browser? – Performance side.

3. Does it have enough back links with other web pages? – Back link quality check.

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Google Business Listing – Why is it important for you?

What is Google Business Listing and why is it relevant for small businesses? I am writing this topic after having a conversation with an entrepreneur in Mumbai recently. The entrepreneur told me that his website is ranking in no. 3 for one of his chosen keywords in Google. And he has been able to do it without any backlinking efforts.

Although this may sound pretty normal, if the website has organically accumulated backlinks over the years and has the right optimisation in place for the chosen keyword.

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