How to Generate a Solid On-page Strategy for E-commerce?

It’s 120 million.

Wondering what?

The number of online shoppers in India in 2018. And this number is expected to march towards 220 million by 2025.

With increasing internet and smartphone penetrations, our Indian E-commerce industry is on an upward growth trajectory showing no signs of decline. This stresses enough the importance of businesses breaking into e-commerce and planning appropriate marketing strategies to broaden their brands.

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How Will Customer Preferences Change In The Post Covid World?

When are we flattening the curve?

What will be the post-pandemic scenes of covid-19?

How will the life that we get back to be different from the one we had in the pre-pandemic world?

Will there be a lengthy impact on our routines and finances?

– Everyone everywhere is desperate for the answers to these questions.

As the spread progresses, definitely a new normal is emerging not only with respect to life and lifestyle changes but also with the economic conditions by bringing a huge shift in the shopping behaviours and purchasing habits of the masses.

The shuttering of businesses and dying of jobs has already started putting the peoples’ paychecks and their personal finances at risk, forcing them to change their “preferences”. As this crisis continues to evolve, how will customer preferences change in the Post Covid World? With a lot of unknowns, though no one can exactly figure out what will happen, below forecasts will give an idea of what to expect. So, give this article a quick read and find out the answer to this burning question.

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Effective & Budget-friendly Digital Marketing Strategies for Every Startup

Giving birth to 2-3 startups every day, India has the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world. On the flip side, it also witnesses a high number of startup failures; with a majority of ventures shutting down within just 2 to 5 years of starting up. Though lack of innovation is said to contribute to their failures, the paucity of funds due to bad or no income generation is said to contribute more. Can you guess what would be the main reason behind this drying up of funds and negative cash flows? It is the absence of effective marketing strategies. Yes, despite the founders trying to be smart and ingenious with their ideas, it is their abandonment of marketing plans which leads to the reduced pour in of income and diminished raise of fresh funds after seeding.

Using minimal resources for optimum impact is the key to the survival of any startup venture. So, what are the budget-friendly yet effective Marketing Strategies that will help one invest the least amount of resources available and obtain the greatest amount of benefits possible? Read on to find out!

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Why Use Instagram For Business?

You want your brand to have an online presence across social media platforms

then an Instagram account is a must.

Now you might be wondering how can a photo sharing application do any good for my business. Well did you know Instagram is one of the social media platforms where you can get the maximum amount of reach in the shortest period of time irrespective of what scale of business you own – Instagram gives you an option to grow your network & engagement through pictures/short videos (content) which resonate with your audience.

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Showcase Your Brand Through Social Media

Over the past few years, Social Media has changed the Internet, actually it has changed the whole world including the world of marketing. Well, you would’ve already known this but if you didn’t know, here’s a quick run through for you. Advertising your brand through different social media platforms helps you connect & engage with 100’s & thousands of active consumers on a daily basis, being the ultimate driver of leads & sales. Mobile users are already checking social media content multiple times a day with Facebook running the show.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Mutual Funds in India

Table of Contents


Digital Marketing for Mutual Funds in India. 2

Understanding the Customer Segments of Millennials in Metros and T-1 Cities: 3

Avenues of Investment for the Urban Millennials. 3

Winning Customers using Digital Marketing – The AIDA Model 4

How can Mutual Fund Houses Leverage Digital to drive Awareness and Interest about Mutual Fund products?  5

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Growth hacking – Why you are getting it wrong?

I see this a lot nowadays. Especially with the startup culture booming, I get to hear words like “Marketing Ninjas” and “Growth Hackers” a lot. And what I understood about Growth Hacking definition, how you can use technology to acquire customers exponentially.

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How can you market your Real Estate Projects?

Real Estate in India; as hot as It was 2 years back, it has taken a huge dip. Real Estate Developers are sitting on unsold inventory resulting in losses worth 100s of Crores. Too many developers, too many projects and high cost of bank lending coupled with exorbitant prices have resulted in this stagnation.

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The Marketing Game – Are you getting it all wrong?

The best form of marketing is when customers are your advocates and they spread the word for you.If you are running a restaurant, how do you plan to market it? Unless your food is an out-of-the-world experience which no one can copy, chances are you would be focussing on discounts or special offers or spending on Advertisement.

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Social Media 2.0 – Are you up for it?

Brands have active pages on social media. They are publishing content regularly. They have over 1 Million Likes on Facebook. But why is it not going anywhere?

If you are in similar situation, then are stuck on Social Media 1.0.

Welcome to Social Media 2.0

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