When are we flattening the curve?

What will be the post-pandemic scenes of covid-19?

How will the life that we get back to be different from the one we had in the pre-pandemic world?

Will there be a lengthy impact on our routines and finances?

– Everyone everywhere is desperate for the answers to these questions.

As the spread progresses, definitely a new normal is emerging not only with respect to life and lifestyle changes but also with the economic conditions by bringing a huge shift in the shopping behaviours and purchasing habits of the masses.

The shuttering of businesses and dying of jobs has already started putting the peoples’ paychecks and their personal finances at risk, forcing them to change their “preferences”. As this crisis continues to evolve, how will customer preferences change in the Post Covid World? With a lot of unknowns, though no one can exactly figure out what will happen, below forecasts will give an idea of what to expect. So, give this article a quick read and find out the answer to this burning question.

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